China’s short track speed skating team Ren Ziwei won the second gold medal, many South Korea fell out, Wang Meng called beautiful

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Hungry?Click right to follow us and bring you the latest hardcore entertainment every day!Did everyone watch the short track speed skating at the Winter Olympics?South Korea’s short track speed skating team was wiped out of the finals on Sunday night as China swept the gold and silver MEDALS.It is well known that the Korean team is best at short track speed skating, but this year, there is no room for them to play, so they have to go home early to rest.But first, in the men’s race, China’s Ren Ziwei fell off the track at the same time as Hungarian and Australian competitors in a thrilling scene.While others wrung their hearts over the three players, one South Korean coach clapped his hands in celebration and even jumped to his feet with a smile between his eyes.However, the South Korean coach was too early to rejoice, after the referee and the 4k camera “Cheetah” ruled: Ren Ziwei advanced, the other two foul.Netizens joked: “The referee is a good judge. He really calls the shots.”In addition to Ren Ziwei, Wu Dajing was also tripped by two players, directly behind a large section, unable to catch up quickly.Fortunately, the Canadian player was fouled and Wu Dajing advanced.The three Chinese players ren Ziwei, Wu Dajing and Li Wenlong all advanced.In contrast, South Korea’s short track speed skating men, Hwang Dae-heon and Lee Jun-soo were judged to have fouled the final.Wang Meng said humorously, “Oh, really?My god, that’s a nice surprise. It’s nice.”At the same time, she did not forget to encourage the Members of the Chinese team: “It is right to be obedient, children!”At this point, the side of the South Korean coach has been angry to face red, full of anger.Sure enough, human joys and sorrows are not interlinked, it can be said that a few joy and a few sorrow.As luck would have it, choi Min-jeong, a member of the women’s team, threw herself out of the short-track final, meaning South Korea could no longer claim national glory in its best event.From their point of view, it is indeed a pity, but as A Chinese, netizens have shouted: “So relieved!”Wang Meng shouted, “Beautiful!””I can’t help it when I fall down. I don’t know how to sympathize with them,” Wang said when he saw south Korean team members fall down.”Good fall, no, I don’t think this is anyone else’s problem.”As non-professionals, we can only say: Mengjie is right!A few years ago, In an interview, Yim ziwei also said he was very excited when he saw the Korean players fall down.When the South Korean team was completely defeated, the coach left the court with a black face and the players quickly left the court regardless of the questions from the reporters. Everyone was preoccupied.Short track speed skating is a chaotic and dangerous place where skaters collide.But there are those who are so nervous that they make mistakes before they even start hitting.For example, when a Turkish player repeatedly broke the rule of false start, Wang Meng was so worried that he bluntly said, “Brother, you are really helping me. Are you still doing this?When you stand on the starting line, you will be on the hot search.”After a tense race, Ren Ziwei won the men’s 1000m short track speed skating gold medal for the second time.Li Wenlong won the silver medal and Wu Dajing finished fourth.While Chinese Internet users cheered for the Olympic athletes, Korean Internet sites wailed and fumed, accusing the judges and the track of being irrational.At the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, When South Korea won the gold medal by dirty means, Chinese netizens rushed to comment on the Korean Internet and told them to wait four years later.I didn’t expect that the Korean team lost in Beijing, it is very relieved!Now, we have joked that South Korean netizens have been “broken defense” for 4 consecutive days, starting from February 4, the opening ceremony, relay race, Asian Cup, short track speed skating all foul, I do not know what will happen tomorrow?The Olympic spirit is: higher, faster, stronger. I wish the Chinese Olympic athletes more achievements!Short track speed skating #, # South Korean team #, # Wang Meng commentary #