AI “digital sentries” have been installed in Shencheng!One-stop verification of the eight epidemic prevention functions

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Caption:In order to further strengthen early warning and monitoring of the epidemic and improve the accuracy and effectiveness of epidemic prevention and control, the Office of the Shanghai COVID-19 Leading Group has decided that, starting from April 5,”Place code” and “health check all-in-one machine” (digital sentry) were implemented in the whole city.One-stop check the positive response to the epidemic prevention and control requirements, the UCloud optimal moment to quickly upgrade the AI “digital sentry” products, to achieve “contactless temperature measurement, health code status check, information check, nucleic acid vaccine information fast health check check, id, witness the consistency check, social security card fast health check, face recognition, rapid and sound check” and so on eight major epidemic prevention function,We will fully support epidemic prevention and control efforts.UCloud AI “Digital Sentry” includes two series: “Intelligent epidemic prevention all-in-one machine” and “Intelligent Temperature Verification Handheld machine”.The product has five advantages: more intelligent: for the first time to achieve eight epidemic prevention functions one-stop inquiry, but also can be linked to the gate, access control and other daily life, office scenes, intelligent passage;More efficient: <Quick identification of 0.25s, improve the pass efficiency of inspection peak 200%;The verification results can be connected with the cloud system developed by UCloud to record and query traffic data in real time.More accurate: face recognition accuracy ≥99.9%;The temperature fitting calculation method developed by ourselves has a temperature measurement error of less than 0.3℃, which can reach the accuracy of medical level. Voice alarm will be immediately if abnormal situation is found.Safer: Connect to the government health code big data platform to ensure the authenticity of verification;User data desensitization encryption, privacy security is guaranteed.UCloud AI “Digital Sentry” product can also expand hardware in different forms with partners, using the combination of “self-developed AI algorithm + intelligent hardware” to create a scene landing mode out of the box.As early as 2020, UCloud launched AI epidemic prevention products to meet the needs of epidemic prevention and control at that time. So far, these products have been applied in some government agencies in Huangpu District, Shanghai Human Resource Service Center, Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital, Tongji University and other places with multiple scenarios.In April 2021, Shanghai Human Resource Service Center held the spring Recruitment Fair, which attracted nearly 1,000 participants and over 5,000 people.UCloud intelligent epidemic prevention integrated machine is deployed in 5 security channels, and can quickly complete temperature measurement, real-name registration, identity verification and health code verification within 1 second, greatly improving traffic efficiency and reducing queue congestion.The picture shows that the epidemic prevention work is more important because of the concentration of patients in multiple places and scenarios.In 2021, UCloud intelligent epidemic prevention all-in-one machine was applied in Zhengzhou 16th People’s Hospital.The hospital had previously needed to manually measure the temperature of the patients, and cross-infection was difficult to avoid.After adopting UCloud intelligent epidemic prevention integrated machine, it adopts non-contact infrared temperature measurement to avoid cross infection and improve traffic efficiency and personnel control degree.The access control function of the intelligent epidemic prevention integrated machine can also divide the internal area of the hospital and the area of the medical staff for regional management.Further reducing the chance of cross-infection.Under the current situation of epidemic prevention and control in Shanghai, UCloud AI “digital Sentry” product realizes one-stop verification of eight epidemic prevention functions;It allows people to pass the quarantine inspection quickly, and even the elderly who do not know how to use smartphones can complete the inspection with their ID cards or medical insurance cards, making it very convenient to use.UCloud will use AI epidemic guard to be a “digital sentry”, escorting the health and safety of citizens and epidemic prevention and control.Xinmin Evening News reporter Yang Yuhong