Bao Bao, a harbor seal, is seen off the coast of Liaoning Province.

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A harbor seal lies on the ice at wanghai Temple in Huludao, East China’s Shandong Province, Feb. 6, 2019.Hearing the news came to the police to observe its no trauma, with a professional net will be the pocket.As they returned to the open water, the seal seemed to understand their humanity and kept looking back at the police and nodding.Maintain the order of the scene into February, although the temperature is some rise, but there are still a lot of frozen sea ice in the beach of Wanghai Temple, about 30 meters away from the shore.At about 10 o ‘clock on February 6, a tourist who visited the beach saw a sea animal similar to a seal lying on the ice about 2 meters from the shore.Worried that something had happened to the sea animal, the tourist called the police.In a short time, Huludao Public Security Bureau border defense detachment Wang Haisi border police station instructor Jia Liang and police Wang Youwen, auxiliary police Sun Hao took a professional transcription net arrived at the scene.There were many tourists recording videos and taking photos of the sea animals.As the temperature gradually rose, Jia liang worried that the sea ice was not strong and might be dangerous. On the premise of not disturbing the Marine animals, he quickly maintained the order of the scene, and worked with two colleagues to let them back to the shore.Stay in place did not move all right, the police slowly came to the sea animal next to the little guy, did not slip away.The police examined its body carefully and found no trauma.After leaving the video data, after consulting huludao city related Marine professionals, the other side determined that this is a young harbour seal, belongs to the national first-class protection animal.It could have broken away from its mother and swam to shore alone.Experts suggest that such conditions can be released into the sea.It is understood that in March and April in previous years, the phenomenon of harbor seals stranding on the seashore occasionally occurs in Huludao sea area.It remains to be seen why this time is one month earlier than the previous one.This harbour seal sometimes calls in place, but never busts.The police took the opportunity to use a professional net to catch the seal, and the seal avoided a few times without much resistance.Wang Youwen was carrying the pole of a professional transcription net. Jia Liang was worried that the seal would be strangled by the nylon rope, so he was holding the seal in the transcription net behind.The pair walked a short distance from the water and released bao Bao.The leopard seal is about one meter long and weighs about 20 kilograms.The youngster was a bit excited as he refused to leave the sea for a swim.Excited, the seal seemed to understand human nature and looked back four or five times at the police on the shore without stopping and nodding, as if thanking all the people who helped it get home.Cute cute action, warm the heart of the police.They stayed on the shore for more than 10 minutes until the seal happily disappeared into the blue sea.Police remind 1, found similar Marine animals to timely alarm, to prevent accidents, police will be the first time to properly rescue.2, do not illegally salvage and sell wild animals!Source: Huludao Public Security Bureau Editor: Wang Dan Review: Hu Xiaoliang