A dish, let you feel the mountains and the wilderness, is so magical

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Anhui cuisine is one of the eight major cuisines in China, and Anhui has a large number of celebrities since ancient times. Many dishes and celebrities have inextricable relations. It is more interesting to know the food culture behind Anhui cuisine besides its taste!In Anhui, every dish has its own soul and story.The meaning of each delicious food is never just to enrich the hungry body, but also to provide the tongue tip with that moment of satisfaction and happiness.Huangshan Shuangshi, also known as “Stewed stone chicken with stone ear”, is a famous huizhou dish with stone chicken and stone ear as the main ingredients.Sumptuous cuisine is one of the major features of Hui cuisine. The dishes are light and appetizing, and the original juice is fresh and fragrant, which can nourish the body and keep the skin healthy.Huangshan Shuangshi, because its growing environment decides this dish is a kind of green food, deeply welcomed by the vast number of diners.Rock chicken scientific name prickly chest frog, belongs to amphibian reptile.Huizhou folk also call it stone duck for its duck-like cry. Stone chicken is a frog, similar in appearance to bullfrog, with brown and yellow color.However, its edible value is much higher than bullfrog, can be called the top grade of mountain treasures, known as the “king of 100 frogs”.Stone chicken is one of the main edible frogs in huizhou mountain area, and is the main raw material of Hui dishes. Together with stone ear and grouper, they are called “three stones of Huangshan Mountain”.There is an allusion about the Huangshan Twin stones and emperor Qianlong.In order to give Qianlong emperor hongli birthday, from Huizhou area conscription to opera artist Gao Lang ting for the column of the three qing class into Beijing, is the beginning of the hui class into Beijing performance.Emperor Qianlong’s birthday, officials worship, the capital empty.Lord Qianlong was in a happy mood, and xuansanqing class performed his quintessence of Anhui opera, The Chronicles of The Three Kingdoms.Qianlong was fascinated by the plot of the play.Unconsciously, it was time to eat.Emperor Qianlong was already deeply involved in the play. He invited the eunuch around him to ask, “Why is this play played?”And the eunuch replied, “This is the emblem.”Emperor Qianlong asked again, “What delicacies are there here?”The eunuch replied, “Huizhou Twin Stones.”Immediately ordered the foreman to present delicious food.The head waiter asked Wang, who followed him into Beijing, to present a special huizhou shuangshi.After tasting it, Lord Qianlong was greatly pleased and asked, “What is it?It’s so delicious.”Cook Wang replied, “Stewed stone ear with stone frog.”Emperor Qianlong exclaimed, “The world should have such delicious food, smooth but not greasy, refreshing.”Immediately announced wang cook promotion, become the palace cook.Order this soup for the “dragon King soup” for the imperial palace.Since then, “Dragon King soup” has become a royal tribute.Anhui cuisine is one of the eight major Chinese cuisines and a bright pearl in the treasure house of Chinese food culture.For thousands of years, through the continuous transformation and innovation of Hui Kitchen, Hui cuisine has absorbed and integrated the advantages of other cuisines, so that simple and affordable Hui cuisine has richer cultural connotation in the selection of materials, color collocation, cooking skills, plate decoration application and dish name implication.