“Meet me and enjoy the Winter Olympics” is fueling the Beijing Winter Olympics with snow and ice sports

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With the Approaching of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Hesuo County has ushered in a boom of ice and snow sports.Recently, in Hesuo County new tower heat township, is staged an exciting ice race.On the field, more than 20 riders compete with each other to greet the arrival of the Winter Olympics with full enthusiasm.Hubitaiai, bucienchagan Village, Xintage township, was riding his beloved black horse early in the morning. Two days ago, he heard that the village would organize an ice horse race, so he signed up with his father and selected the best horse to participate in the race.”I am nine years old, today I came to the horse race with my father, our horse is very good, my father and the little black horse won the first place, I am so happy, also wish to participate in the Winter Olympics brother and sister can win more gold MEDALS, Beijing, the Winter Olympics come on.”At the scene of the activity, horse racers from all over the country were driving the steed to enter the venue steadily. The opening performances such as “long tune” and “Jangle” brought by the pomegranate seed team of Intangible Cultural Heritage ignited the enthusiasm of the audience.Riders in national costume, fierce competition on the ice, riders rise up and whip, go fast and steady, fight for each other, riders and horses closely cooperate, exquisite riding attracted many tourists around to watch.Batu Mara, a pegatron tourist, said, “Today, I came to the Spring Festival horse racing meeting in Xintage Township, Hesuo County. I saw the athletes wearing Mongolian robes and riding Mongolian horses, stepping on the ice and snow on the Bosten Lake. I saw the Olympic spirit in the horse racers.The Mongolian horse race is a fast and steady opposite step, instead of running with wide span, in which the rider controls the horse, sits firmly on the back of the horse and holds down the step, so that the rhythm of the opposite step is tight and fast without disorder. Generally, the rider of the horse race is mostly experienced elderly or middle-aged people.The walking horse has beautiful body image, beautiful gait and posture, pure color, cheerful and smooth appearance like flowing water, and long flowing mane, which are the main criteria for herdsmen to choose a walking horse. A fast walking horse is often regarded as priceless treasure and cherished.”The first time to see the ice to play the horse race, I also rode a horse on the ice race, especially fun, feeling special magic.””Said Mr. Li, a Pegatron tourist.In recent years, Hesuo County has actively developed mass sports activities. The theme of this event is “Enjoy harmony and enjoy the Winter Olympics”, which not only fully demonstrates the local traditional sports characteristics and sports level, but also lights up the enthusiasm of people of all ethnic groups to participate in snow and ice sports and help the Winter Olympics.