Case review: the murderer shot many years later, the victim’s mother received a letter: Mom, I want to go home

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One day in 1992, dark clouds enveloped, next to the forest black pressure according to the shadow in the night, in between black and white, a family in Songtao County, Guizhou province received a letter, a few sisters with the mother cautiously opened, I saw the letter boldly write down a few characters: “mom, I want to go home.”The familiar handwriting, as well as the crooked style, is obviously the handwriting of a small six.Ripper case on April 27, 1987, spring always revealed the bright early morning, old li has to grey age as always take a walk along the river bank, watching the clear water, green CaoYa, none not let li feel feel better, but didn’t last long good mood, a floating on the river black sacks attracted the attention of Lao li.Driven by great interest, Lao Li hooked the sack to the shore with the bamboo pole beside him.”Tut, it’s heavy!Lao Li complained.With great effort, Lao Li managed to bring the sack to the shore. He excitedly untied it and found a human leg inside.Old Li this can be frightened, a big age just scared the soul off two points, he hurriedly reported to the police.The police quickly arrived, after a check, and from nearby to find other dismembered body, forensic immediately determined that the dead is a woman.The occurrence of this one broken body case, completely shook the quiet for many years mayang county, because the case is extremely bad, the superior requirements must be solved within a month, give the people a result.Under great pressure from superiors, the local task force was soon set up to investigate the case.That the dead is a young woman, the task force deduced that the possibility of killing is very large, the technique is bad and cruel, the other side is likely to kill heart because of emotional reasons.According to this one inference, the task force group began to launch an investigation, gradually investigate the crowd of chaotic local private life, and collect surrounding missing crowd, determine identity.Due to the backward condition, plus remote, even if it attaches great importance to, but a week later, still no progress, the only fortunately, killed the woman seems to have been identified, after the report, the police will soon as locked in a young woman named “Yang six sisters, according to the found free, Yang six younger sister is not her real name,Her real name is unknown, she is a local migrant girl, from Songtao County, Guizhou Province, in a month ago, suddenly disappeared, even work did not have time to resign.The reason why there is no early report, or because most of this kind of migrant sister is not honest, it is likely to secretly run away.After A series of investigation, police found six younger sister’s home, Yang after identified, compared with six Yang sister hair quickly, and the victim is the same, is A model, the results and make some very excited, and then use according to the recovery of plaster model to six younger sister family, Yang Yang six younger sister’s family is very sure,This plaster and Yang six sister have nine similar.In this way, the police determined that the victim of female Yang Liumei, then for further investigation.Experts believe that can be so skilled technique will Yang Liumei anatomy, not a doctor is a butcher, in the remote county, the suspected butcher is obviously much bigger, after the police street probe, will eventually target on a butcher named Teng Xingshan.Teng summon to the public security bureau, astonished immediately for trial, at first, teng is very calm, also show the unwitting to kill the attitude, but along with the increasingly fierce interrogators interrogation, teng eventually change so the claim is because Yang six younger sister took his money, he is in anger to wu Yang six younger sister died.Truth and illusion Teng Xingshan admitted evidence, the task force is also relieved, this case, finally completed within a month, however, when Teng Xingshan was put into custody, he was suddenly excited, crazy toward the task force shouted: “I did not kill, I was wronged.”But for the task force, the great joy has gone to their heads, as for Teng Xingshan’s denial, but also because of fear and words.Soon, Teng Xingshan appealed the case, but the results were unsuccessful, as for the assigned lawyers, all think Teng Xingshan is a murderer, therefore, the defense is not serious.Teng Xingshan was executed on January 28, 1989.Heavy with the passage of time, this case is forgotten by people after the brain, however, in one day in 1992, the opening scene, was flustered, Yang six younger sister elder sister think, this is not a so-called paranormal, first of all, the handwriting is Yang six younger sister’s handwriting, and the address on the letter, also is to be found, it is likely that Yang six younger sister did not die.Soon, the family according to the address to touch the sender there, really found missing for a long time Yang Liumei, according to Yang Liumei, he is not missing, but was abducted to here.Here, the truth came to light, Yang Six younger sister did not die, and Teng Xingshan is not the murderer, after teng Xingshan family constantly turn over the case, the case finally began to investigate, June 13, 2005, Teng Xingshan was declared innocent, the family was paid 660,000 yuan, but this late truth, really only worth 660,000 yuan?