Dream journey to the West: Lantern Festival activities during the physical questions, how to deal with vitality?

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Idle words three world story, record the dream.Hello everyone, I’m Yan.Thank you for your long-term attention, ah Yan’s five-open road is still continuing.Today is Valentine’s Day, I wish you have a partner sweet and loving.I wish you have no partner, soon meet someone.As for myself, it is of course open dream westward journey, online to receive holiday gifts.Sweet love is for you.I just want to be rich.And suddenly rich.But according to the current situation, want to make a fortune or feet on the ground, hard bricks.I’m going to spend the day tending the ranch, chasing ghosts, printing copies, and answering questions.When taking care of the pasture, the Datang was lucky enough to have a lot of nests, which was very rare.After taking care of the pasture, eating thyme and answering the questions, it was noon.Kunlun Wonderland hang up and have lunch.Afternoon, eat seahorse, hit, brush copy, catch ghost.Nine color deer, stone monkey and wuji state copy are not good, only took a few strong fossils.Then he caught 40 imps and gave them 3 rings and a 115-level smelting stone.And a C66 from the mutant.All three replicas and 40 imps are over, and the seahorse’s 3-hour diploid regeneration time is up.During the Lantern Festival, physical strength is naturally used to answer questions, but how to deal with vitality is quite a headache.These days, energy supplies are very cheap, including all kinds of temporary discounts.And this group of my number, cooking skills are not high, temporary charm skills are not high.Cook to do not sell price, temporary notation is not to sell, so I in addition to their own notation, other vitality are basically changed the point of study.The vigor of datang, I was all made the magic soldier map.I can’t sell it. I’ve got about 20 cars in stock.For players with low life skills like me, I personally think it is the best way to replace vitality with learning points.Although the point of study cannot be realized directly, it can be regarded as a resource reserve for us.After all, who can be sure that you will never change the summoner?As long as the baby is updated, there is a need for upgrading, the previous accumulated points can be used, you can save a lot of time and cost for yourself in the training level of the summoning beast.That saved time can be converted into productive time for us.We can realize the value of vitality in such a way.In addition, during the Lantern Festival activities, such as the need to replenish the life of the summon beast, the need to replenish the satiety of the mount, this period of time is the best time to replenish.High quality beans and Ramadan, cooking prices are very low.You can buy in bulk and use slowly afterwards.And you can save a lot of money.