Danger!The 2-year-old ran alone onto the highway, but police rushed to the rescue

2022-07-10 0 By

Recently, a two-year-old child ran alone to play on the highway. Yaxi police Station of Bozhou Branch of Zunyi Public Security Bureau immediately responded to the alarm, eliminating potential safety hazards in time and avoiding accidents.At 21 o ‘clock on the same day, the Yaxi police station received a public alarm that there was a child playing on the highway, the situation is very dangerous.After receiving the police, Yaxi police station attaches great importance to it and immediately arrange for the police to rush to the scene to take the child away from the dangerous section of road.Later, the police to pacify, and patiently communicate with the boy.But the boy, who only knows he is two years old, could not give his parents’ names, contact numbers and home addresses.After the inquiry failed, the police judged that the boy’s home should be not far from the highway intersection.Later, the police holding the boy to the surrounding shops and pedestrians looking for clues.After an hour, a woman in a hurry to find police, is the little boy’s mother, said police in after verification of the information, that boy lived in a crow creek near highway toll station, on the same day due to the clinic infusion put the children to the old man closely, and the result old man failure to watch children play, a man ran to the highway came close to disaster.The police handed the child safely to its mother, repeatedly told her to take care of the child, it is best not to let the child out of their sight, otherwise there is a problem will be too late to regret.Source: Yaxi Police Station of Bozhou Branch of Zunyi Public Security Bureau