Qixing Bridge station of Shanghai-Hangzhou Railway

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Article | sheep leisurely yesterday, go to the have stopped using seven stars in the shanghai-hangzhou railway bridge station for many years.Once, the cycle of several slow trains every day stop, the cautious and conscientious railway workers, bustling passengers, sporadic freight, coupled with vendors and rickshaw drivers Shouting, constitute the station harmonious picture, unfortunately, now has become the past.Only platform, station house, water tower still silently guarding the small station site, small station edge, there are three small stone ancient bridge, but also inseparable with the small station, both set off against each other, can really feel their sigh: “the deceased such as husband” ah.At that time, there were 26 stops on the Shanghai-Hangzhou line. The journey by express train took about 4 hours, and by local train about 8 hours.October 1984, Shanghai Railway Bureau: Passenger train schedule.Qixing Bridge Station (now abandoned) was built in 1932, adjacent to Jiashan Station in the east and Jiaxing station in the west.It is 103 km away from Shanghai station and 98 km away from Hangzhou Station.Under the jurisdiction of the former Shanghai Railway Bureau Shanghai Railway Branch, it is the fourth class station.Qixingqiao station was canceled after the sixth speed increase of the existing train lines in Korea in April 2007.Iron General door.The front of qixing Bridge station is now dominated by metasequoia trees.Qixing Bridge Railway Station.In the 1980s there were only six trains running all day.The original station seemed to have 5 lanes, but now there are only up and down lanes, the rest have been removed.The station building.Station house of railway station.Station house of railway station.Station house of railway station.Station house of railway station.Railway station platform.Railway station platform.Station water tower.Railway station suite.Railway station suite.Station suite.Station suite.The department in charge of the line is about 300 meters away from the main station, and there is another water tower for water supply.The rear of the department in charge of wiring.The department in charge of wiring.Supporting water tower.It was also a water tower, but it wasn’t tall enough, so they built another one next to it.Shanghai – Hangzhou Railway Qixing bridge station section.Shanghai – Hangzhou Railway Qixing bridge station section.Trucks on shanghai-Hangzhou line.Trucks on shanghai-Hangzhou line.The small stone bridge to the east and south of the station.The small stone bridge to the east and south of the station.East – west small stone bridge east of the station.East of the station to the east of the small stone bridge deck, station water tower in the vicinity.A small north-south stone bridge facing the main entrance of the station.The small stone bridge deck facing the main entrance of the station.–END