Did Guan Zeyuan go to see Yu Shuang’s parents?Go out to play with her to meet fans, two people or good things close

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Introduction: Generally speaking, couples have to meet their parents for a certain period of time, otherwise they can’t take the next step.There are a lot of couples in the e-sports circle, one of the female hosts of the relationship is more noticeable, such as Yu Frost, Guan Zeyuan, rookie and small yu and so on, Uzi and girlfriend Aomimi is in love for a long time, finally also “xiucheng” couples.Two people can go to this step, or benefit from their often see parents, both sides are very satisfied, the last two people will go together.Rookie and his girlfriend, Xiao Yu, have been together for many years. But they still haven’t made up their minds.Recently rookie had a holiday and went skiing in the northeast with Xiao Yu.But the end of the two play on the parting of ways, xiao Yu went back to nanjing home for the New Year, not with her.Did Guan Zeyuan go to see Yu Shuang’s parents?So, how are Guan Zeyuan and Yu Shuang now?The two talked for many years and encountered many problems in the process.Before Guan Zeyuan and Yu Frost apart, two people or colleagues.Later, Yu Shuang encountered problems in life, Guan Zeyuan help forward, solve, two people have contact again.Then two people seem to be together again, live when the curtain is consistent, Guan Zeyuan and the chat box of yu Shuang top, return to her remarks lovely nickname, two people together again.Now, Guan’s relationship with Yu Shuang appears to have gone even further.Because Yu Shuang’s hometown is pingxiang, after LPL’s vacation, she went back to her hometown to reunite with her family.Guan Zeyuan with frost home is not together, recently frost cheer home snow, we found guan Zeyuan seems to go back with her.Had they gone to see their parents?After all, now is the festival of reunion, guan Zeyuan’s move is clear.New Year back to The home of Yu Shuang, two people or good nearly LPL audience home, the results met Guan Zeyuan, a few people together to take a photo, he said that yu Shuang was also beside, but he did not find her photo.That is to say, Guan Zeyuan this is to go out with Yu Frost to play, met like his fans, revealed the whereabouts of two people.Yu shuang often tells her fans that when she played games, every time she returned to Pingxiang for the Spring Festival, she would open a black phone with her Cousins.This time the frost took her boyfriend home, natural is to accompany her to play the game.I don’t know if he can move the rest of the frost.Personal opinion: As the host of League of Legends, Yu Shuang naturally likes to play this game.Unfortunately, her strength is not enough, often teasing “not to move.”The guan Zeyuan together to play, do not know whether two people are close to a good thing?This article by the cat head bag original, welcome to pay attention to, with your knowledge!