The proportion of excellent surface water quality in monitored sections of Jiangxi province ranked eighth in China last year

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This year, Jiangxi province sought 1.24 billion yuan from the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment for water pollution prevention and control, ranking third in the country.Last year, Jiangxi province continued to invest in protecting drinking water sources, improving the level of water pollution prevention and control, and strengthening the supervision of environmental law enforcement. About 1.02 billion yuan was allocated to each district or city, including about 1 billion yuan from the central water pollution prevention and control fund, supporting 77 water-related projects.Water control funds have been continuously invested, and remarkable results have been achieved in improving water environment quality. Last year, 93.6% of monitored sections of surface water in The province had excellent water quality.The proportion of excellent water quality in section of national examination is 95.5%, up 1.6 percentage points year-on-year, 10.1 percentage points higher than the national average, ranking eighth in China.We will strengthen the protection of drinking water sources through differentiated policies.The province has promoted the demarcation of centralized drinking water sources protection areas in an orderly manner. There are 158 centralized drinking water sources protection areas in cities at county level and above, and 934 water sources protection areas in rural towns and townships (including “one thousand tons and ten thousand people” at village level).Last year, Jiangxi province properly solved the problem of three water sources crossing borders, actively promoted the implementation of ecological compensation funds for drinking water sources in Leping and Wuyuan, and supervised the construction of standby emergency water sources in Nanchang, Jiujiang and Yichun.We will strengthen weak links and improve water pollution prevention and control.Jiangxi province issued the “Jiangxi Province Industrial sewage pollution major Investigation and Rectification action Plan”, a comprehensive investigation of industrial enterprises sewage collection and treatment, emergency response capacity building, sewage discharge and other issues.Up to now, jiangxi province has found 273 industrial water-related problems, and 267 have been rectified, with a completion rate of 97.8%.The province has built 147 centralized sewage treatment facilities in 107 development zones, and all of them have built integrated online monitoring platforms.We will enforce laws with an iron fist and strengthen oversight of environmental law enforcement.The ecological environment system of the province actively organized the investigation and rectification of hidden dangers of ecological environment safety, joint law enforcement of river basins and cross-law enforcement inspection of water sources. 6,651 law enforcement personnel were dispatched to inspect 2,451 enterprises and drinking water sources, and 858 problems were found.182 enterprises or third-party operation and maintenance units were interviewed, 346 were ordered to correct, 10 were ordered to stop production for rectification, 78 cases were registered and punished, with the amount of 9.462,200 yuan. 14 cases were transferred to public security organs, 21 people were detained, and 8 environmental monitoring institutions were investigated and dealt with for practicing fraud.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: