Warcraft 1v3 crazy exploration

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For a long time, WARCRAFT has brought me a lot of pleasure.I’ve had a lot of changes, but the classic Warcraft software is still sitting on my hard drive, which is around 1.6 gigabytes, and I don’t expect to update or download any other maps, so it’s nice to have a drink once in a while.To enhance the experience, there is a special keyboard, which is too crowded on the laptop.Terran 1 is the most began to challenge the v3 model, this model is relatively classic, also practiced many times during the Chinese New Year, is basically steady win, warcraft challenge three crazy, in the beginning is the basic train of thought of running into each other’s base, began to constantly heap tower, wait for 10 or so towers, when computer found it is hard to shake up the situation,Computer is usually handout spirit, in general, the other two began to come and help, in this case, the hardest part is two successive wave troops rounded up, if you can suppress the basic laid the victory, and soon become passive and lack of money is short of people, so I tried to play some videos of preserved, sometimes see,I analyzed what the computer was doing when I was busy, and I prepared some images so that INSTEAD of starting from zero every time, I could start at any stage I chose.On the basis of Terran, the relatively difficult one is orc, which took a long time to think about. For this reason, I especially watched a lot of my own videos and analyzed the reasons for many failures.In the scattered time of a month, I thought about it, and the winning rate of the last two weeks is still higher.Here’s a summary of some of the videos from the orcs’ frantic 1V3 battles.Wave one: The Orcs challenge three crazed races:Terran, first night and undead is randomly selected the undead as a breakthrough point, near the door of the undead towers, made a lot of dead, the night like Terran upgrade order is not big, slowly, the Terran rise this early has been explosive, undead in has been rise of science and technology, after a rise up 2 in a row, this period began to spider, night mode is conservative.They’re constantly blasting and upgrading, and they’re not taking the initiative.After building 8 towers, the undead have been upgraded to 2 completed, my side of the orc started to upgrade 2, during the period of the undead have been suppressed, but there is no direct destruction suppression, it can continue to explode soldiers, while exploding soldiers while being shot to death by the arrow tower.The Terran race began to upgrade and began to produce knights.After returning to the base of the undead several times for support, all failed to hear back, and the night has remained motionless.The orcs opened two powder mines during this period, and the overall advantage is relatively obvious. At this time, if the dark night comes over all, it can be basically flat.There are several obvious problems during the period, one is a little floating, to the dark night near the base of mining, operation error, flew to the middle of the dark night barracks, dragon were all destroyed;In addition, there are obvious problems with the units, except the shaman is the single hero, the ground units are obviously insufficient, resulting in no backup after the dragon is destroyed.At this time to the old cow, started out at this time the Terran artillery hands and knights and witch, some corresponding strategies, night back and forth more hesitant, last night played eighty percent of the time for him to withdraw to the Terran again a wave, lead to not support the troops on the ground, the wave didn’t keep up with the direct lost.The problem is summarized as follows: 1. The population can not keep up, the night directly exploded 100 people, the Terran has 70 people, the orc only 50-60 people 2.Terran and Night are starting to have artillery and other ranged units, the orcs are not subduing in time, they are still guarding the arrow tower, they can also have some bats or catapults.4. Wyvern can try to harass and do some suppression, including the second wave of remote mining:The overall rhythm can also, the last of a wave is destroyed, there are mainly several wood to keep pace with a year earlier, lead to more than 1000 yuan but only a few decades, the wood use insufficient, can be made about 7 hard cut wood tower number couldn’t keep up with, only a dozen or so, you can make a triangle formation, to consume most of the troops last wave tower was destroyed,The main reason is that the other side of a number of catapults, basically 3 catapults can quickly consume the tower population did not keep up with the middle of the farmers, should let the base has been running, continuous hematopoietic early bullding the other side of the base first, timely mining third wave:The third wave of the sprint won, feel or a certain luck because computer is a little bit stupid crazy, don’t know the accumulation of power, the money spent waiting there is the right choice for early besides toothpick, accumulated some strength in advance, make our less passive out of the catapult, and on the position of more deep,Beside the computer to the power of the past consumption is larger for the fourth time the sprint lost and found to keep the accumulation of power, such as rapid rise 2 mining, after a broken is not among the mining can consider orcs unique skills, can buy from the shop now start thinking about the challenges of the third level, the night 1 v3 go mad, and finally the undead.Github: @Jeanron100CSDN: @Jeanron100 Zhihu: @Jeanron100 Headlines: @Yang Jianrong’s learning notes NetEase: @Yang Jianrong’s database notes Big fish: @Yang Jianrong’s database notes Tencent Cloud + community:Why do we hardly use partition tables in MySQL in the New Year