Tangyin Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision of COVID-19 work supervision

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At the beginning of the year, the outbreak of the ancient city of Tang Yin.Outbreak is the command, tangyin commission for discipline inspection committee of smell makes, quickly assembled to epidemic prevention and control on the line, both overseers and war, continue to build a woven epidemic prevention and control “JianDuWang”, resolve the hard with love “sharp sorrow” hard, with sealed steering and bear to deployment of the decision-making for the epidemic prevention and control measures fell fine to carry out the ground to provide strong protection.”At 7:30, the third supervision group arrived at Rengu Town, and all nucleic acid sampling sites began to take samples.”At 10:26, the fifth director group arrived at the isolation point of Hyatt In Hongfa and found that there was an unreasonable design of access channels for staff at the isolation point.””At 19:25, the 10th supervision group arrived at the epidemic detection service point on National Highway 107 at the Border of Antang, and all problems existing yesterday have been rectified.”…Every day, real-time supervision information will be gathered from the supervision group all over the county to the contact group for supervision and inspection of the county Commission for Discipline Inspection, and finally form a special report for supervision and feedback to the county headquarters for epidemic prevention and control.The outbreak is fierce, spreading fast, and has many infections. Clusters of outbreaks and sporadic outbreaks are intertwined.County commissions for discipline inspection and supervision have set up a dynamic tracking and supervision mechanism to follow up wherever epidemic prevention and control work has been carried out.More than 20 days of time, the county commission for Discipline inspection supervision committee dispatched 183 groups of supervision inspection, supervision and inspection personnel more than 800 person-times.In the face of wind and snow, they carried out supervision and inspection day and night, covering the whole time and space with multiple rounds and stuff-trapping. Their footprints covered 335 nucleic acid testing points, 9 access channels, 358 roads, 1,852 entrances and exits, 30 containment areas and 49 isolation points.Epidemic prevention and control work related problems found by steering a total of 222, issued a written notice of “epidemic prevention and control work has chosen” 28, “the epidemic problem rectification supervisory notice” three, “the epidemic prevention and control problem to supervise the forwarding complaint list” 2 copies, issued by the report on its work on strengthening the nucleic acid detection information push notification “, strongly promote the rectification implementation,To achieve closed-loop supervision and promote standardized and efficient epidemic prevention and control work in the county.”On the morning of January 13, 2022, the village entrance card point was unattended in Dapo Village, Caiyuan Town. The party branch secretary of the village surnamed Shi was warned by the Party because of poor arrangements for epidemic prevention and control.””On the morning of January 15, 2022, yu, a staff member of the county Market Supervision Bureau, did not arrive at his post on time in the guard work of weihe Bridge bayonet in Rengu Town, and was given the punishment of administrative warning.”…Once is better than a thousand times.In the epidemic prevention and control work, the county commission for Discipline inspection and Supervision insists on upholding the principle of discipline in the first place and keeping the sword hanging high, maintaining the high-pressure situation of accountability and strict accountability, and strictly pressing the main responsibility of epidemic prevention and control of all levels and departments.In response to problems found in epidemic prevention and control, such as loose thinking, lax responsibility, lax work, formalism, bureaucratism, and dereliction of duty and other violations of law and discipline, we will resolutely use accountability tools to provide a strong disciplinary guarantee for epidemic prevention and control.Up to now, the county commission for Discipline inspection and supervision of a total of 4 issued notice, notice of criticism of 15 units, 71 people, remind talk 8 people, talk remind 3 people, party discipline and political punishment 12 people.In the process of precise, prudent and prudent accountability, a clear direction has been set to foster a sound situation in which the epidemic prevention and control work has worked together to overcome the current difficulties.”More than 4,000 students in Yucai School need to be immediately transferred to isolation and observation, including nearly 2,000 teachers and students to Anyang University. We will complete this task!”At 7 PM on January 8, less than 12 hours after the outbreak, the county commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision received an urgent task from the county Party Committee.The night was thick and cold.In order to ensure the safe transfer and resettlement of students, the discipline inspection and supervision cadres involved in the transfer are divided into two groups. One group is at the departure point to meet the needs of students and escort the transfer, and the other group is at the destination to coordinate daily supplies and provide logistical support.Time is tight, the task is heavy, the request is high, the responsibility is big, they check the room overnight, arranges the dormitory, makes the bed, carries the material……In only 17 hours, nearly 2,000 teachers and students were safely transferred.After all the isolated personnel moved in, the county commission for Discipline inspection and supervision quickly readjusted the division of labor, and with the stationed nearly 200 staff members formed the stationed working group, the establishment of comprehensive coordination, prevention and control of medical treatment, operation, isolation area management services, logistics support, peripheral security and other working groups, open the service guarantee mode.”Quickly make a detailed roster of which children are staying in that room, and make sure you have the parents’ names and contact information.””We need to ensure the quality of meals while minimizing the delivery time, so that students can have hot meals at every meal!””The final course is tight, so we should make arrangements for students’ study while doing a good job of isolation.””Students’ psychological conditions should be fully considered, and psychological counseling should be carried out timely for special families and children.”…For more than 20 days and nights, they crowded into a large classroom and conference room with inconvenient heating, and made a camp bed, a thin quilt and a military coat into a temporary shelter. However, they took every child’s food and clothing, cold and warm, study and education, and psychological health into careful consideration.Every time they receive a list of those who have been released from quarantine, they stay up all night to make arrangements for the children to go home.Confirm the list, check the address, compare the map, sort and group…They worked on each step to make the grouping more precise, the route more reasonable, and the children get home faster.On the day the quarantine was lifted, cars drove through the gates, information was checked item by item, and groups of students were handed to the escorting teachers…They live up to the trust of the county committee, with more than 20 days and nights of long-cherished sleep, in exchange for the safety and health of the children, to honor the promise to let the children go home safely!At 11:20 PM on January 22, guxian town was heavily snowing and freezing, and the special class of epidemic prevention and control work of the County Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision in Guxian Town was holding a work meeting.High risk, containment area, after the outbreak of this round, Guxian town has become one of the most serious epidemic areas in the county.Emergency and danger are more obvious “iron army” nature, Tang Yin County Party Committee standing Committee, county discipline inspection commission secretary, county supervision Commission director Shi Lei led the county discipline inspection commission supervision commission 6 staff set up in Guxian town epidemic prevention and control work special class, not afraid of danger, reverse line, to protect guxian town epidemic prevention and control.As early as 10 o ‘clock in the evening, after midnight in the morning, the working team held meetings every day without moving. They listened to the overall report of the epidemic prevention and control work in Guxian Town, understood the progress of the prevention and control work and the implementation of measures, analyzed the difficulties and problems existing in the work, and came up with solutions to the problems quickly. The backlog of problems would not stay overnight.In order to ensure the medical and daily supplies in the containment area, the special team set up a material transfer station outside the containment area of Guxian Town, set up entry and exit ledger, detailed record of daily supplies in and out, to ensure that each batch of supplies can be accurately used for epidemic prevention, effectively protect the epidemic prevention and daily life of the town.”What should I do if I have a patient at home?””Age is too small, alone isolation have mood how to do?””What to do if someone is seriously ill and wants to take care of them?”…The staff of the special class should pay attention to both material and spiritual matters, act as “bosom friends” of the masses, and offer solicitude and care to the masses through various channels and ways around the clock.They set up telephone hotlines to listen to the voices of the masses and solve their problems.They set up telephone sympathy ledger, regularly send intimate sympathy, patient dredge bad mood.3000 times dial, coordinate to solve 20 problems, they use thin telephone lines, set up and the masses of the “heart bridge”, won the masses of praise.Not afraid of difficulties discipline inspection tiejun yong as “I beg for war!I am willing to go to the front line of epidemic prevention and control, brave hardships and sacrifices…To protect people’s life and health to contribute their own strength.”After the outbreak of the epidemic, the county commission for Discipline inspection and supervision commission dispatched to the county Bureau of Justice discipline inspection and supervision group deputy leader Li Pengfei, team member Shi Wennan the first time to submit a petition, apply for the war!”We are racing against the virus!”After the outbreak alarm sounded, Jiang Yanxia, member of the County Supervisory Commission, undertook the overall arrangement and deployment of the supervision and guarantee of epidemic prevention and control.Command and dispatch, arrangement and supervision, research and judgment……She worked into the wee hours of the morning, her eyes bloodshot, racing against time to win the initiative.”They watch over the students, and we keep them safe!”Wang Junbiao and Chen Xingxing, members of the discipline inspection office of the county Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision, drove for five and a half hours to deliver 7,200 medical protective masks donated by charity to the quarantine site.They work as drivers, porters, statisticians and storeroom keepers, building safety barriers for quarantine workers with supplies.”At present, I am the backbone of the whole village!”January 8, the county confirmed the first case of large-scale zhu chuang village, county commission for discipline inspection of the prison big zhu chuang, first secretary of the village committee in the ancient town Li Yixing immediately organize the masses to carry out the epidemic prevention and control, in the face of a number of the village two committees cadres diagnosis result in hidden sexually transmitted virus personnel strength extreme shortage, complicated situation of the gender is strong, regardless of the risk of infection, mobilize the masses, from door to door orderly transfer of the masses, 117,At the isolation point, the party took the lead in setting up a temporary Party branch immediately to timely coordinate and solve the needs of the masses, so that the masses can feel the care of the Party Committee and the government at the isolation point, and let the Party flag fly high in the front line of epidemic prevention and control.”It is worth the light and warmth of an old comrade to contribute to the epidemic in our county!”On the night of January 19, the county commission for Discipline inspection and supervision of the county epidemic prevention and control command command, to the guxian town 15 villages of 1300 people overnight emergency transport centralized isolation observation, 6 veteran comrades on the front line, assume the transport coordination and stationed supervision work, the interpretation of the discipline inspection and supervision of the “veteran” responsibility and responsibility….In this arduous battle against epidemic prevention and control, the majority of discipline inspection and supervision cadres in the county stood up and fought bravely, and interpreted the loyalty and responsibility of discipline inspection and supervision iron army with diligent working attitude and solid work results.They eat and live at their posts, charge fearlessly during the day, and make their beds and clothes and sleep there at night.There are both young and old in the family, and they all have concerns in their hearts. They keep loyalty in mind, shoulder responsibility on their shoulders, leave their families to protect everyone, and build a Great Wall of steel to protect the prevention and control of the epidemic.