Yan Jihong attended the planning meeting of the Cultural and Sports New Town project

2022-07-06 0 By

On February 16, zhuhai held the scheduling meeting of the western Cultural and sports New Town project, listened to relevant reports, and made arrangements for the construction of the project.Mayor Yan Jihong attended the meeting and made a speech.Yan Jihong pointed out that the western cultural and sports new city project is an important part of the city to comprehensively promote the construction of “Olympic Champion city”, and is also a key move to speed up the construction of a modern quality life city. It has far-reaching influence and great significance to promote the development of sports, optimize the urban spatial structure and speed up the process of urban construction.All relevant departments at all levels should be positioning the city’s overall development, focus on promote the development of the sports quality functional requirements, high positioning, high beginning, high efficiency, overall acceleration of western style new town project construction, further to ring “city of the Olympic champion” gold card, for the construction of high quality, resilient contribution to the modernization of the new baoding sports strength.Yan Jihong stressed that we should focus on the long-term, make excellent planning, standard international and domestic first-class standards, integrate cutting-edge and high-end planning concepts, design the features of the new cultural and sports town from a high starting point, and strive to create a new landmark in the western part of the main urban area.We should make up for our shortcomings and improve its functions to build a large-scale sports and cultural activity center integrating sports events, professional training, national fitness, exhibition and performance, leisure tourism and other multi-functions, comprehensively improve the capacity to undertake large-scale events, and create a beautiful image display window of “The City of Olympic Champions”.We need to coordinate the renovation and construction of new and old stadiums in a coordinated way and make innovations in different forms. We need to promote joint construction and sharing of facilities among society, schools and stadiums, and open up new prospects in stadium construction.To coordinate linkage, the resultant force, to further improve the project to promote leading institutions, set up a consultation with the scheduling mechanism, condensed projects together, efforts to promote the western style new town and oct “in the future than city” and other relevant engineering synchronous construction, to push for a solid work performance level, modern city of quality life blooming new appearance ran out of the acceleration.City leaders Zhang Guibao, Dong Mingdi, Wang Baohui, Song Hongmin attended the meeting and spoke.Source: Baoding Daily