Vietnam eliminated early, Can China win second Asian preliminary round?

2022-07-06 0 By

Vietnam is the preliminaries of the first World Cup team, who lost all seven war and averaging net negative ball close to the two book, performances, with nothing to describe in the game, they even be Australia’s four goals zero, in the recent five matches, they besides beat a buoyant Cambodia, the remaining four games they have goals,They have been in the doldrums for quite some time.China’s qualification hopes also have slim, in the round, they with the score 2-0 defeat to the Japanese, and it is completely crushed, the match there is no chance that they now have the Australian 9 points behind in the championship, even after three rounds of all to win the game, can China promotion also need to see the face of Australia.But in terms of the game, the Chinese team still have certain advantages, after all, their strength is stronger than in Vietnam, in the first cycle of meetings, China’s once is a 2-0 lead in Vietnam, the Vietnamese state of current capabilities and more depressed than at the time, so the data under the condition of reasonable, I think this is expected to take all three points in China.Viewpoint: Chinese team