Polish the background of urban civilization to create a happy livable chongxin

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Recently, chongxin county streets around the flow of a group of “red vest”, they hold tools, some clean up the garbage under the green belt, some scrub wall advertising, some in the street intersection to carry out counseling services…These “red vests” are party cadres and people who come to urban communities in Chongxin County, but they have a common name – “volunteers”.In the small county with a resident population of only 80,000, there are 302 registered volunteer teams and 7,753 registered volunteers, accounting for 9.7% of the county’s permanent population, or one volunteer for every 10 citizens.In recent days, similar environmental health renovation work in Chongxin county urban areas and towns carried out at the same time, in addition to the community party members, the masses, as well as the county organs party members, the new era of civilized practice volunteers.”The city creation work has really done a lot of good things for us. We have a growing sense of fulfillment and happiness.”Resident Guan Yuanyuan felt deeply that the surrounding environment was getting better and better, with cleaner roads and more harmonious neighborhood relations. Residents expressed their support and praise for the city creation work.It is a starting point for Chongxin county to promote the establishment of a civilized city in China to continuously promote the improvement of human settlement environment by linking all sectors of society.Since this year, Chongxin county to the party history education “I do practical things for the masses” series of practice activities to carry out as an opportunity, combined with the city work, every Friday to organize units in accordance with the “grid responsibility area” to carry out environmental health cleaning activities, the comprehensive elimination of “visual pollution”.”It’s really changed a lot. All the clutter in the neighborhood has been removed, and there’s a sorting trash can underneath the building.In the park and in the green belt, there are some landscape buildings and warm warning signs, and some public service advertisements let me see chongxinmei that I did not find before, and I feel very comfortable living here.”Binhe Road community resident Han Hailong said.In addition to the continued ascension for environmental health regulation, believed in county city community to carry out the “cigarette butts, don’t be born believed more beautiful,” series of volunteer service activities, through collecting cigarette litter, cigarette butts exchange, tobacco control persuasion small behavior, such as let the broad masses residents physically, from small start, start from around things, guide the masses of residents to develop healthy, green and environmental protection way of life,While dressing up the appearance of the city, constantly guide the masses to improve the quality of civilization.”Before the activity, we actively push civilized etiquette behavior, ‘cigarette butts do not fall to the ground, worship the letter is more beautiful’ initiative, cigarette butts exchange rules and other information through the residents group, circle of friends and other ways, the use of grid staff daily inspection into the household issued the proposal, small reading books,Residents are encouraged not to throw cigarette butts and garbage, develop good hygiene habits, establish the concept of common governance and sharing, and strive to be civilized and courteous good citizens.”Yubaozi community party branch secretary Wang Ling said.Chongxin county “cigarette butts do not fall to the ground, Chongxin more beautiful” award exchange activity is to promote the establishment of civilized city rectification and promotion, put an end to the phenomenon of throwing cigarette butts, and then promote the citizens civilized quality and environmental awareness of a measure.Activities through the development of exchange rules for prizes, guide the whole nation to pick up cigarette butts, with practical action to call on the public “cigarette butts do not fall to the ground” from me, from now on.So far, the event has attracted nearly 8,000 participants.Clearing the park green belt leaves by Chongxin County Chuangcheng Office/Li XiangyuIf there is a source marked wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact this network, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.