I wonder why people still buy gas cars, just to smell it?

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Now buy oil car, certainly not because of the smell of gasoline have any special liking, even if really like me, like the smell of gasoline, sorry, buy oil car can not directly meet your desire.Just like to say: now also use open fire stove cooking, no induction cooker, it is not to say that it diagram a part of cooking, while can smell the smell of gas, right?Today’s petrol cars do not smell “petrol smell”. In normal use, petrol does not smell at all, because petrol barely escapes in the tank.Mandatory national standard GB 18296-2019 “Safety performance Requirements and Test Methods for Automobile Fuel Tanks and their Installation”, it said.The fuel permeability of plastic fuel tank is stipulated: under the condition of environmental temperature of 23℃ or so, the fuel evaporation of the tank should not be greater than 10g every 24h, and the average 1h is a little more than 0.4g.It’s about the weight of half a peanut, and with that much gas, you can’t really smell it in a car.If you really smell gasoline in your car when you’re driving, it’s either coming from the environment, or there’s probably something wrong with the car.For example: pipeline aging, disassembly and installation of gasoline pump, replacement of gasoline filter element is not fully installed.Or when the construction is not careful to spill gasoline, not cleaned up in time, this time is really should check the vehicle in time.Back to what we said, there are still a lot of friends to buy oil cars, because we are used to it, and from the perspective and standards of the users of “oil cars”, there are some use experience trolley is still not to give.The first point is the current stage, if you don’t take into account the licensing, restrictions and other policies, the use of oil cars is indeed a little more convenient than trams.We’ve done videos on this in the past. Trams have a long way to go in order to achieve the experience of an oil car, which only takes 3 or 5 minutes to fully charge.And for the foreseeable future, it will be difficult.If you are interested, you can search my previous videos.Some brands are laying 300 kilowatts of this kind of super charging pile, which is still far short of 5 minutes.And trams generally have less range than petrol cars when they are full, and are vulnerable to cold temperatures.Petrol cars also make more pleasant sounds than electric cars. Number two is sound.Many friends said, “Even the tram is quiet when it runs.”There is no such thing as a soul, and indeed there may be some truth to it.In fact, the tram was not silent.Du Songze of Wuhan university of Technology has a paper you might as well listen to look, “automobile engine intake system sound quality control and optimization research”, you see, specialized someone ponder these, say so.The noise produced by the driving motor is mostly high-frequency and can increase the feeling of irritation during driving, just like the “buzz” of a small electric drill or a mosquito.The sound of the engine and its intake and exhaust system is low in high frequency change when accelerating, low frequency can make a person produce “vigorous” feeling, middle frequency produces “light”, “bright” this kind of feeling.In particular, some of the main sports, performance of this model, the engine is irreplaceable.After these special adjustments, will often give the driver this “sense of strength”, “sense of pleasure”, “sense of vitality” and so on.In addition, the rear acceleration of oil vehicles is generally stronger than that of electric cars at the same power level.There are no heavy battery packs, the overall weight is generally lighter, and the upper or “limit” of handling is higher, all of which are not currently available.Because these characteristics love oil cars, and now still insist on buying oil cars, I think there is no big problem, oil cars from the complete elimination of a long distance.Luo Keyan published a paper in the journal “How many years will it take to ban the sale of fuel cars” to make a statistic.Most of the countries in the world that have already made a timetable to ban the sale of fuel cars have set a total ban between 2030 and 2040, and this is still a plan.As a guide, a ban on petrol cars is still 10 to 20 years away.And even if it is banned, the oil car bought before is not to say that the place immediately immediately can not open.Not only can open, manufacturers in a quite long period of time or to ensure that the after-sales service can be carried out normally, there is normal maintenance of accessories.According to the “Automobile Sales Management Measures” issued by the Ministry of Commerce of China, suppliers should guarantee the supply of spare parts and corresponding after-sales service for at least 10 years after the discontinued or discontinued model.In this case, it will be at least 20 to 30 years before petrol cars are convenient to use and spare parts are not available, which is far beyond the life cycle of a family car.A car runs for 10 years. That’s a big deal, right?Not now, even if the next few years still buy oil cars, there is no need to worry about using it will be eliminated, money down the drain.So, in general, if you buy a gas car now, or even in the future, it’s not because the gas car smells bad, but because some of the characteristics are really different, or even irreplaceable.Just like to say: now electric oven is very convenient, but sometimes roast roast mutton string, roast roast meat, or like to use charcoal fire to roast, call what?It’s called “This Feels Different.”And as long as it is a formal channel can also buy, do not have to worry about the elimination of waste water, completely can rest assured.Change the battery to want to spend 70, 80 thousand, electric car to buy to speak of electric car replace oil car, all say electric car change the battery to want 70, 80 thousand, right?Is it really that expensive?Is it necessary to buy a tram when it costs so much to replace the battery?Why many friends to this point, still say that new energy is a “scam”?5, 6 years ago already bought electric car, many people call it “dad”, these “dad” now how?Key words: electric car focus on “spare tire said car”, reply keywords “electric car” can, “spare tire said car” waiting for you to play oh.[1] GB 18296-2019. 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