Analysis of the influence of agricultural economic management on rural economic development

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Since entering the 21st century, China’s economy has been rapid development, there are rapid changes throughout the country, especially in rural areas, economic development has made the old rural areas into new rural areas, look brand-new at the same time, the productivity level of rural areas has also been greatly improved.In order to achieve sustainable economic development in rural areas, it is necessary to strengthen agricultural economic management, focus on solving the current difficulties of economic development in rural areas, and help rural economy achieve rapid and high-quality development.Agriculture is a basic livelihood industry in any country. As a big agricultural country, China attaches great importance to the development of agricultural economy from top to bottom.In the rural economic construction, agricultural economic management is an unavoidable link, we must pay enough attention to it.In this year’s No.1 Central Document, the top leadership put forward the core task of agriculture, rural areas and farmers in the current stage of social development, which is still to improve people’s livelihood and strive to improve people’s living standards.To achieve this goal, we need to firmly rely on good economic management measures and methods to accelerate the transformation and development of rural areas.Agricultural economic management involves a very wide range, from the production of agricultural products to processing and then to sales, this series of processes belong to the management scope of agricultural economic management, so the difficulty and span of agricultural economic management are very high.Where are the key points and difficulties of agricultural economic management in rural areas?Mainly to grasp the point should be should be put in production management, namely for farmers, namely the management of agricultural production personnel, as long as do the management of agricultural production personnel, economic management problem in rural areas can solve more than half, farmers’ production enthusiasm, also can strengthen the research and development of agricultural production technology and application, boost agricultural production to achieve innovation.Strengthening agricultural economic management not only plays a vital role in developing the economy of rural areas, but also plays a great role in integrating all kinds of resources in rural areas and rationally utilizing resources for economic development.However, at present, many rural areas seem to have not noticed the huge benefits brought by agricultural economic management, and the relevant implementation party has not paid attention to the institutional construction of agricultural economic management, which may become an obstacle to the further development of rural economy in the future.Thus, to vigorously promote rural economic development level, it must attach importance to agricultural production in terms of economic management, attaches great importance to the core principles of the agricultural economy management, both farmers and professional organizations, all need to strengthen their own management quality and level, hard to learn the related knowledge, agricultural economic management to improve their practice ability,Apply effective agricultural economic management methods to agricultural production.Bring about circulation flowchart lack of agricultural economic management in agriculture, rural economic development in recent years, although our country struggling on the whole, the rapid economic development, but economic development and national economic development in rural areas seem disconnected produced, not only development is relatively slow, and rural development in different areas of the situation there is a big difference.As a developed region in China, the eastern region has a small number of rural areas but a relatively high level of economic development, while the central and western regions are economically backward with a large number of rural areas and generally backward compared with the eastern region in terms of economic development.Under such circumstances, it is difficult for the vast rural areas in central and western China to realize the transformation and leap of agricultural development mode in accordance with the requirements of The Times. They still use the traditional backward rural production development mode, and the utilization rate of information technology is very low, as well as the lack of corresponding agricultural economic management.The improvement of rural economic level is an important part of the improvement of China’s overall social and economic level, but the whole process of rural agricultural production is not very standardized, which makes the implementation of many welfare policies more difficult.Only by paying enough attention to the development of rural economy can we gradually realize the development goal of China’s overall social economy.But the problem is that there is no reliable economic management system to support the development of China’s rural economy, so in the process of agricultural production can not comply with the requirements of the development of The Times, scientific and reasonable application of agricultural technology, it can not improve the level of rural economy, economic transformation is out of the question.At present, rural areas lack economic management technology and experience, so farmers can not use advanced technology, and there is no professional personnel to go into the countryside to provide professional technical guidance, and there is no detailed policy for farmers.The main reason for these problems lies in the lack of economic management professionals and their low sense of responsibility. On the one hand, many rural areas do not have such professionals, and even if they do, it is difficult to bring good ideological guidance to farmers due to the lack of patience in the process of work.▲ Individual agricultural Production in today’s highly developed information technology, the healthy development of the economy cannot do without the strong support of the Internet, we should also take the initiative to integrate into the tide of the Internet economy, the use of advanced technology to develop the economy.However, at present, the Internet has not been widely popularized in rural areas, and farmers are ignorant of advanced information technology. Under such a development background, it is very difficult to improve the speed of economic development, and there is no way to further promote the emergence of economic transformation, which can be said to be numerous obstacles.The main reason for managers’ lack of awareness of information technology application lies in the lack of information equipment support, and the rural areas do not have enough funds to introduce information technology-related equipment, thus forming a vicious circle in the process of rural economic development.Traditional agricultural facilities and agricultural technology can not meet the development needs of modern agriculture, and ultimately can not improve the management quality and efficiency of the overall rural economy.How does the rural economy realize the new development, what kind of effect does the agricultural economy management have in the rural economy development?How does agricultural economic management play its stimulative role?From the perspective of agricultural producers, good agricultural economic management can fully mobilize the enthusiasm of agricultural production personnel, and agricultural production personnel is the most important factor affecting the development of rural economy.Agricultural production personnel to maintain a higher production enthusiasm, is to promote the rural economy to achieve rapid and sound development of the necessary premise.From the perspective of the direction of rural economic development, under the background of major changes in the current global economic situation, the traditional mode of agricultural production has become unsustainable, and a new mode of rural economic development must be explored.However, due to the high proportion of agriculture in China’s economic system, it is difficult to change the current situation of squeezing rural labor force to promote rural economic development, while strengthening agricultural economic management is a fast way and a good way to change to the new era of rural economic development mode.Therefore, rural areas should be based on the national conditions, through the realization of good agricultural economic management, and gradually solve many problems in rural economic development.▲ Mechanized agricultural production In the development of rural economic development related systems in the process, need to combine the actual development of each rural situation, in-depth understanding of rural economic development, in order to ensure the rationality and scientific system construction.Moreover, the system construction of any industry cannot be accomplished overnight and needs to be explored slowly in the process of development. Agricultural economic management can be explored from the most practical perspective to help the construction of rural economic system be more reasonable and perfect.In addition, good agricultural economic management can also restrict many bad behaviors in the process of economic development.For example, in rural areas, many small traders in the tertiary industry choose to set up stalls on roads beside farmland. Due to their poor awareness of health and safety, they will greatly pollute the environment around farmland and not conducive to the normal use of roads.After strengthening agricultural economic management, rational arrangement of the use of farmland and surrounding areas can greatly improve the utilization rate of rural limited resources, so that agricultural production will not be interfered by external factors.Many problems existing in the process of rural economic development can be solved by strengthening the economic management of agricultural production.Agricultural economic management is a panacea for the development of rural economy. The elimination of many hindrance factors in rural economic development can not be separated from economic management.Therefore, the management personnel should pay attention to its role, and the production personnel should improve the application ability, eliminate all kinds of obstacles that restrict rural development, and help the continuous improvement of rural production efficiency and GDP.The prospect of agricultural economic management is bright, but the current problems can not be ignored in rural areas where there are many difficulties in development, the need for better economic management, economic management in order to adapt to the new era and new requirements, also need to constantly improve.The first is the related personnel of economic management, compared with the higher technical requirements of agricultural economic management, their own ability is dwarfed.With the local attention to agricultural production and development, the ability of agricultural economic management related staff needs to be further improved, and the situation of insufficient management experience and ability can be improved as soon as possible.The second aspect is the lack of professional agricultural economic management institutions in rural areas.With the continuous development of science and technology, more and more new inventions and new creations have been applied to the process of modern agricultural production, so the content of economic management has greatly increased.Individual management ability is not enough to deal with the new production problems, need more professional agricultural economic management institutions to intervene.However, the current situation is that many rural areas do not have professional agricultural economic management institutions, and it is very difficult for many agricultural producers to seek help from agricultural economic management institutions.▲ Shanty agricultural production Third is as the main body of agricultural production process, the overall quality of agricultural production personnel is low.The comprehensive ability of agricultural production personnel basically determines the degree of agricultural development in rural areas, and the two are positively correlated.But now young adults in rural areas are becoming less and less, the urbanization in the process of continuous development has led to rural hollowing out, many rural areas the main force of production into aging people, these people because of their cultural level is not high, the acceptance for emerging agricultural economy of the tube is not high, so has a larger block on rural economic development.Suit the remedy to the case to solve related problems, bring into play the function of agricultural economic management is to sum up, in a new stage of economic development, to achieve the high quality of the rural economy, sustainable development, must be improved agricultural economic management, improve the comprehensive quality of relevant personnel and application ability, the construction of a batch of agricultural management institutions to adapt to the modern agricultural development.First, develop a sound agricultural economic management training system, regularly and continuously carry out training activities for agricultural production personnel, and timely feedback of training results.In the training process, attention should be paid to the feedback of agricultural production personnel to promote the application and implementation of new knowledge and new technology.In the management of agricultural economy, the system of responsibility management can be carried out.For each area that needs to carry out agricultural economic management, specific relevant responsible persons are arranged to organize the work.In agricultural economic management staff to carry out activities at the grass-roots level to give certain technical guidance, improve their business ability and level, so as to promote the rapid development of rural economy.Agricultural economic management staff to strengthen their own skilled use of new agricultural technology and new equipment, to help agricultural production personnel will become more efficient agricultural production.Place to build on a number of case to fit the development of local agricultural economy management institutions, to carry on the popularization of Internet technology, to allow more agricultural production personnel understand the Internet technology, to help farmers in a timely manner to understand and grasp the policies in the development of agriculture and rural economy, with the help of the vast Internet platform to expand sales channels for agricultural products,In helping agricultural production personnel to achieve income increase while promoting the further development of the economy in rural areas.In a word, the rapid development of China’s economy cannot leave rural areas as a fundamental and important link. In the process of rural economic development, no matter which position and what kind of responsibility it takes, the important role of economic management can not be ignored, and we should jointly help achieve long-term and stable economic development in rural areas.Since production management is the most important part of agricultural economic management, the most important task is to let agricultural production personnel understand the background of the information age as soon as possible, improve agricultural production efficiency and production quality as soon as possible, implement every link in rural work, and finally promote the great development of China’s economy.