After the US 5th generation plane crashed into the South China Sea, 4 countries in the world are suddenly on the move!Zhao Lijian said something rare

2022-07-06 0 By

For some time now, the US and some Western countries have been sowing discord on the South China Sea issue, repeatedly sending vessels and planes into the region in an attempt to stir up conflict and confrontation and undermine unity and cooperation.After the deadly collision of a US nuclear submarine in the South China Sea, the US military’s most advanced fifth-generation fighter jet, the F-35C, recently crashed into the sea.In late January, an F-35C fighter jet crashed while landing on the US aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson in the South China Sea, injuring seven people.Some analysis points out that for a long time, the US military frequently sent ships and planes to stir up troubles, which made personnel highly nervous and accidents inevitable.However, the United States did not take this as a warning, the Fifth generation of American aircraft crashed into the South China Sea, the world’s four countries suddenly ready to move!On February 7, US Secretary of State Blinken set off for a visit to Australia. In addition to holding talks with Australian Prime Minister Morrison, the other focus of his visit is to hold a “Quadripartite” foreign Ministers’ meeting with his Australian, Japanese and Indian counterparts to discuss a range of priorities.The US media claimed that the China issue took a prominent place during the trip.Just then, Darden, Australia’s defence minister, popped up again.Dutton claimed in an interview on February 7 that China has been militarizing the South China Sea for the past decade with the “tacit approval” of the United States and its Allies.If it continues like this, he argues, another decade will be lost.While Mr. Dutton did not elaborate on what action the United States and its Allies might take, he said Australia would have nuclear submarines by 2038 under an agreement between the United States, Britain and Australia.Dutton has repeatedly advocated the so-called “China threat”, but facts have proved that the actions of the US and western countries are the real threat to regional peace and stability, otherwise the US military would not have frequent accidents in the South China Sea.Recently, the US media exposed the latest picture of f-35C falling into the South China Sea, the fighter jet hit the aircraft carrier at an unusual speed, and then fell into the sea trailing smoke and flames.At present, the US military is arranging to recover the fighter jet, and some media claimed that The Chinese side will recover the fighter jet before the US.”We have no interest in their aircraft,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said at a regular press briefing on January 27. “We advise relevant countries to do more to contribute to regional peace and stability, rather than to show their force at every turn in the region.”To put it bluntly, China is no longer what it used to be. It has powerful defense tools and does not care for US military equipment. The US should stop its provocations.