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Although The Chinese men’s national football team failed in the World Cup again, as a fan who loves punching the clock around the world, it is natural that he will not want to miss the 2022 Qatar World Cup.After all, 2014 and 2018 have seen two World Cups in a row, 2022 is still not want to miss.Eight years ago this spring, I also tried to draw some tickets for the 2014 Brazil World Cup on the FIFA World Cup website. It worked, and I’ve been traveling around the world ever since.Of course, due to the impact of the current epidemic policy, it is still uncertain whether entry and exit will be smooth by the end of 2022.So far, many overseas countries have announced easing of entry measures, but returning to China remains a big problem.The problem is not just about money.After returning to China for 14+7 days of isolation, at least to prepare more than 10,000 yuan of funds to avoid emergencies, for most of my friends is not a small economic pressure.The bigger problem is the possibility of returning home. The 2022 World Cup in Qatar will be held in December and will end just before Christmas, so it is unclear whether there will be a repeat of the outbreak in the fall and winter.At present, it is not only the high ticket price which is limited by the five-one policy, but also the green code issued by the embassy and the guarantee that the flight back home will not be cut off, which are the obstacles before the 14+7 days quarantine.Yes, the above three points are indispensable, there is no opportunity to return to isolation.Reality is reality, ideal is always beautiful.Whether the World Cup at the end of the year can go or not, please apply for tickets first. If you can’t go, it will be a souvenir.Today, February 8, is the last day of the first round of lottery tickets, now the lottery is to gather together a lively, do not pay, do not add prices, take the chance to win personal field.Ten thousand one, even if they really can’t go, good games we take to the second-hand market to transfer to foreigners, or domestic fans can go to friends, is also a good thing.How can you get a World Cup ticket at full price?First, go to fifa.com and go to the ticketing page for the 2022 Qatar World Cup.Url is as follows: https://www.fifa.com/tournaments/mens/worldcup/qatar2022/tickets login account (as if there is no register a drop-down page, see the place where the International and click enter.The one below is for Qatari citizens. We don’t need to see it.Next, enter a ticket notice page, mainly tell you what you can buy, the original page is in English, if you are not confident about your English, or are too lazy to read English, you can directly use the browser translation function, or very useful.This page is a reminder, just know that “you can apply for up to 6 tickets per event and up to 60 tickets per mailing address.”The rest is not important, click next.Tickets for the Qatar World Cup are available for a single match, four matches and a team.In simple terms, the differences are as follows: single ticket is equivalent to a certain match, such as the opening ceremony, the semi-finals and the final;The four-match ticket is relatively brainless, which is a package of four matches that the organizer packaged and launched.For example, if you like Italy, the ticket will cover all of Italy’s group matches, subsequent knockout matches and even the final. If Italy is eliminated, it will be automatically replaced with the corresponding team.Since the teams have not come out yet, the matches are blind box nature, buying the same team ticket could also be the United States or Saudi Arabia, so buying a designated match is obviously the safest way.I say one more sentence, because the specific team of the final circle has not come out yet, now bought also is to buy a thought.FIFA has listed all the current qualifying teams and indeed it is now possible to buy a ticket for China’s Qatar 2022 team, which is likely to end up with Saudi Arabia.It is important to note that tickets for group matches cannot be purchased for other group matches, but other matches can be purchased at will.As for the ticket price, there are four classes of tickets for other matches in the world, but as overseas fans, we can only buy the first class tickets, which are the most expensive and the third class tickets are the cheapest.The price is the same, but the difference in class is more about views than proximity to the course.In Brazil 2014, I got a first class ticket to a hilltop stand, and it wasn’t cheap.At Euro 2016, I bought a second-class ticket next to the corner flag, so I could see the players very well.Group match because the opening match has the existence of the opening ceremony, it is the host Qatar team’s match, the price is certain to be slightly more expensive, and the ordinary group match, the ticket price is much cheaper.The lowest third-class ticket costs 250 Qatari riyals, or just over 400 yuan.By contrast, the average ticket for China Super National Security is more than 100 yuan, while the ticket for World Cup matches is more expensive and acceptable.After entering the knockout stage, ticket prices can be much more expensive than the group stage, but as a pseudo fan, the cheapest third-class ticket is not affordable.Only to the final, the price of first-class tickets up to more than 3,000 rials, nearly 6,000 yuan, two people together to see two tickets more than 10,000 yuan.Anyway, watching the World Cup final was an unforgettable memory.Buy football ticket this thing, anyway by the people, now do not need to pay completely, is to smoke a lively, choose what you want, smoke is.For example, I drew tickets for Italy’s three group and team matches and the final.In fact, I don’t have much confidence in Italy’s progress. I can’t help it.A third-class ticket to the final will cost 2,200 Qatari riyals, or nearly 3,000 yuan.As the main ticket buyer, you can purchase tickets for multiple friends and relatives at the same time. If you need to add a name, you can choose to add new guests on the page.Then fill in his basic information, which is crucial because World Cup tickets are real-name.But then again, every time I went to watch the World Cup and European Championship, although the name was printed on the ticket, I never checked the id information strictly.Second-hand tickets bought on VIAGOGO can still get in.Finally, confirm your personal information and mailing address.Football tickets will be included in the address information you reserve through DHL or other express forms, about the address, leave pinyin on the line, the Courier can understand.You can also choose which team you are a fan of.I was too shy to pick China and chose Italy.Finally, click OK and you’re done!In this step, there is no payment at all, people just submit the lottery.Ok, that’s all. If you don’t book today, it doesn’t matter. We have several rounds of sales ahead.This year’s World Cup will be held at the end of the year, unlike the usual summer holidays, so there will be plenty of time to keep watching.I hope everyone can buy the tickets they want for the World Cup, and I hope the epidemic will end within the year.