The Winter Olympics are coming!The first Cloud Olympics the first full digital Olympics!

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Technology has become a key word of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.According to public information, Beijing has tested and put into use more than 200 technologies during the Winter Olympics, including information engineering and software engineering, public security, high-definition video, 5G and new energy.In addition, there are more than 50 companies participating in various kinds of security services.Among the listed companies on the KIChuang Board, Kingsoft Office is the official office software supplier of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Qianxin is the official sponsor of the Network security services and anti-virus software of the Winter Olympics, and Danghong Technology provides technical support for the ultra HD video broadcasting of the Winter Olympics.Li Zhi, president of The Yiguan Intelligence Institute and expert of The Platform think tank, told the Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily that the Winter Olympics is mainly a comprehensive application of various digital technologies, not only presenting advanced digital technologies, but also showing the positive role of digital technologies in users, industry development and urban governance.This application demonstration will also catalyze the acceleration of digitalization in some industries and tracks.Wang Yingbo, an expert at The Whale Platform think tank and a doctor of economics at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, also said that this Winter Olympics is characterized by comprehensive digitalization, which is a development stage of the digital economy toward a meta-universe.For the first time in The history of the Olympic Games, the core system of the Winter Olympics will be fully cloud, and 6,000 hours of content will be broadcast to billions of viewers around the world via cloud, making the Broadcast of the Olympic Games no longer rely on satellite transmission.At the same time, 8K ultra hd live broadcasting technology will also be used for the first time to bring a better viewing experience to the audience in front of the TV.Amber waves, points out that this is the first cloud on the Olympic Games, will be broadcast live on ali cloud, 8 k ultra hd broadcast will bring audience immersion experience and more rich, real-time interactive way, although now because of the work force and speed bottlenecks, still cannot reach the hologram and the effect of immersion depth, but compared with the past has been a great leap forward.On the basis of cloud, the application of visual intelligence, algorithm, AR and other technologies in the stadium enables the audience to be immersive.For example, through the multi-angle intelligent synthesis technology, the multi-array video is combined into a panoramic dynamic picture, thus bringing more dimensional viewing perspective of short-track speed skating, curling and other competitions.As one of the technical guarantee parties of the 8K uHD broadcast, Tan Ya, secretary of the board of Directors of Danhong Technology, told the Reporter of Science and Technology Creation Board Daily that the 8K uHD video has a huge amount of data. The CCTV Group Media group uses Danhong’s 8K uHD coding technology to compress the signal into 120Mb bit stream, which greatly reduces the pressure of transmission bandwidth.Ensure efficient, smooth and safe content transmission and play, to provide users with more extreme visual experience.For the development of 8K hd after the Winter Olympics, Tan Ya analysis, large-scale sports events and broadcast technology is mutually successful.The development of satellite communications has made it possible for billions of people to live broadcast the Games around the world.The development of fiber optic communication, 5G and uHD coding technology has made 8K UHD live broadcasting a reality.Uhd technology will first be applied in broadcasting and TELEVISION, where professional requirements are highest, and will be extended to culture, education and entertainment, medical and health care, industrial manufacturing and other fields in the next step.The combination of UHD and AR/VR brings more space for imagination.Pan Helin, a member of the Information and Communication Economy Expert Committee under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and executive dean of the Digital Economy Research Institute at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, said, “As The living standard of Chinese people improves, the demand for HIGH-DEFINITION TV has increased, and the living room east Olympics live experience has been greatly improved with high-definition live broadcasting and high-speed 5G communication.In the future, VR/AR will break through the regional limitations of the Winter Olympics, such as the ability to simulate the sports experience at home through motion sensing devices and VR.”Li Zhi believes that, for users, “5G+8K” and cloud broadcasting can present ultra HD images of the game. At the same time, the application of VR in the live broadcast of the game will give the audience a more impressive watching experience, which is an important expansion of ultra HD and VR scenes.In terms of communication networks, this Winter Olympics will be the first time that IPv6+ technology has been applied to large-scale events, kECHU daily reported.According to Yang Lifan, deputy general manager of Beijing Unicom, a number of key technologies of IPv6+ are necessary to build a smart winter Olympics special network.Games are the communication of private network need to cover the Beijing with more than 80 venues and zhangjiakou, hebei province three division between Beijing and zhangjiakou high-speed, high-speed rail transit lines, to serve more than 2600 international mainstream media workers, more than thirty thousand family members of the Olympic Games and a lot of well-known broadcasters, satisfy the high quality of more than 150000 terminals no speed limit access requirements.IPv6+ routing technology and intelligent SDN network controller provide low delay route selection, delay deterioration perception and delay tuning capabilities.”During the pre-competition test, the overall time delay index was much better than the requirements set by the Organizing Committee.”Yang Lifan revealed.At the same time, the smart Winter Olympics special network based on IPv6+ network programming ability, has a strong fast service opening ability and flexible business adjustment ability.”We all know that one of the biggest headaches for major sports events in the past was the urgent opening and frequent adjustment of special line services. Now we can provide fast opening services for media clients.”In addition, through the introduction of IPv6+ on-stream detection, AI-assisted operation and maintenance and protection switching technology that can cover 100% of all links, the minute-level granularity of active service quality perception can be realized.It realizes minute-level ai-assisted fault processing, and can protect the switch in 50 milliseconds in any fault scenario.In Panhelin’s view, the Digital revolution of the Winter Olympics can be seen in many ways.First of all, the training of athletes now more rely on digital technology, the statistics of data, the formation of targeted training programs, more scientific and more efficient;The second is the Winter Olympics broadcast technology, higher clarity, better effect;Thirdly, in the payment field of the Winter Olympic Games, digital RMB is integrated with various scenes to create a new digital scene.Finally, better bandwidth and better communication experience.Li Zhi believes that the Winter Olympics for green energy vehicles, especially hydrogen energy vehicles to bring good, will further accelerate the penetration.At the same time, the Intelligent vehicle network system based on 5G network and Beidou high-precision positioning system created by the Winter Olympics is a large-scale application of L4 level automatic driving.On the one hand, real-time data monitoring and analysis of athletes’ physical signs, on the other hand, epidemic prevention data analysis and emergency treatment, etc.In terms of urban governance, Li zhi pointed out that the Winter Olympic Games will use the digital twin system to comprehensively digitize and model the stadiums and surrounding areas, gain real-time insight into venue operations, meteorological changes and urban traffic operations, and give full play to the management, security and optimization value of urban governance.Wang told Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily that more digitalization of the Winter Olympics is hidden behind the scenes, such as digital modeling to reduce the error rate of communication equipment installation, and the overall operation is gradually moving toward automation and digitalization.”We believe the Winter Olympics will further promote the digital transformation of the overall economy and accelerate the development of China’s digital economy.”Wang Yingbo said.Stock market opportunity Winter Olympics concept stock “Event Guide” : More than 90 listed companies deeply involved in the snow and ice industry has great long-term potential