Zero in the morning!Chinese Super League transfer window open: can “at will” recruit, disband the team to submit applications

2022-07-03 0 By

In the past two years, the domestic professional league is always half a beat slower than the Korean and Korean leagues around us. They have already started their matches and our transfer window has not opened yet. A large number of their players go abroad, but we are still engaged in the “export to domestic sales”.It has to be said that our league and national team are in an overall backward state, and it is no longer a matter of time to catch up with them. Even when the league starts at the same time, it is difficult to catch up with them.League’s transfer window opens time this year, has experienced three times adjustment from 1 month has been postponed to March 14, was the message said before even again postponed until March 30, led to concerns that the new season will start on time and much was worried, but now the domestic media to release the latest news is that plans to open on March 14, transfer window,It will open at 0:00 on March 15th, one day later.The transfer window opening time will last for a month, which is from March 15 to April 15, a month for teams have already started signings enough, this paragraph of time is mainly used to before the signing of the new signings to register and officer xuan, does not rule out some of the team during this time, suddenly there will be a new group of players to join to the transfer market.The Second league has its own transfer window, between 29 March and 29 April.As the transfer window opens, details of this phase of the transfer process are being revealed, but for the first time this year there is no limit to the number of domestic players allowed.No transfer quota restrictions, mainly considering the many teams need workers wages, a lot of old players, well-paid players, and even the entire first team to enter the transfer market, in the face of such a large trading players, if also limit a club can only introduce how many players, so there will be some players without the ball to play.Even if these players accept the transfer at a lower salary, they cannot be restricted in terms of policy. All salary benefits depend on them to fight for, and whether they can find a new employer also depends on the players themselves. The FOOTBALL Association will certainly not impose restrictions on this.On foreign aid, naturalization of the registration rules, and last year there is no difference, the total season can register 7 foreign aid, a maximum of 6 people registered, 5 people registered, a game can play up to 4 people.Naturalized players are still blood in accordance with the internal aid to calculate, no blood each team only one can be counted as internal aid, the rest are foreign aid.Of course, not many teams apply the naturalized players rule this year, after all, the four Brazilian naturalized strikers have left the Chinese Super League, this time the Chinese side of the abandoned means they will be difficult to find a job in the Chinese Super League.At the same time, the new season access qualification has begun to submit, in addition to submitting the application for access to the team, want to dissolve the team can also submit application materials, by the FOOTBALL Association after the application can be admitted and dissolved.As for when the league will open, whether to continue in accordance with the home and away system, these aspects of the FOOTBALL association have not given the exact answer, but the next month, as a period of observation, if everything goes well, calm, it is estimated that the league will be as planned around April 23.This month will also be the time for the football association to continue the preparation of the league system.