To highlight!Public sports lottery to help disabled people

2022-07-03 0 By

Yueyang Evening News all media (Reporter Yan Jun, Reporter Yao Xiucheng, Zha Jian, Rao Zheng) On February 11, Yueyang Disabled Persons’ Federation held the implementation of the 2022 Central Lottery Public Welfare Fund “Disabled persons Publicity and cultural Project” work and the city’s cultural assistance volunteer service deployment meeting.We made arrangements and mobilized efforts to implement the “Disabled People’s Publicity and Culture Project” of the 2022 Central Lottery Public Welfare Fund., disabled persons’ federation party secretary Liu Liwen, vice President of party members, Li Zhengwang to attend the meeting and delivered a speech, maicun deng presided over the meeting, director of the municipal service center for the disabled, xiangyin constant love foster center for the disabled, hunan xiangbei disabled veterans chorus, yueyang yueyang LouQu street agency “14” promote cultural projects “for the disabled to undertake unit representatives to attend the meeting.Li Zhengwang, vice chairman of the board of directors, required all project units to formulate a practical implementation plan according to local conditions, advocate and mobilize all social forces, especially public welfare organizations (groups), join hands with the majority of disabled volunteers to participate in the creation, pay close attention to the implementation of the task, and make good use of the special lottery public welfare fund.The municipal Disabled Persons’ Federation will organize the acceptance inspection before October 20, and strive to complete the project construction tasks successfully.Liu Sullivan summarized and emphasized: first, to strengthen docking, select the project;Two to close the method, refine the scheme;Three to vigorously implement, sincerely help disabled;Fourth, we should strengthen supervision and follow up the results.”I hope you to further strengthen the disabled special art talent training base, humanitarian thought propaganda base, the grassroots health fusion culture service demonstration center, the library reading room for the blind and other projects, and to rich the spiritual and cultural life for the disabled at the grass-roots level, help them into happiness make new greater contributions to the well-off life!”