Jet-lagged?X90 dragon why sell 150 thousand yuan?

2022-07-03 0 By

Jetto Motor is a “dark horse” brand established three years ago, sales performance has been on a new level, continue to provide users with high-value products.This year after the independent brand, jietu auto up the pace is more and more accelerated: products to the new upward, quality and performance intelligent all pull full.Now, Jetway X90 dragon appears at the 2021 Guangzhou Auto Show.Jetto, as one of the major cost-effective brands of Chery Group, has gained good attention and sales with chery’s technical endorsement and good product marketing. Currently, the models sold are mainly concentrated in some medium-sized SUVs.Recently, there is a new car to open the pre-sale, it is jietu X90 dragon version, a total of 3 models, the price range is 1399-163,900 yuan, the appearance of the new car is not only using the latest design, the key power with a stronger 2.0T engine, the following Brother and everyone to talk about it.China’s strongest 2.0t fuel machine, change to the luxury brand to sell 300,000 + buy fuel cars on the three major pieces, engine, transmission and chassis.Among them, the engine is undoubtedly the most important.Jetway X90 Zilong is a new model, it uses a new 2.0T power, is the first jetway brand equipped with chery holdings under the 2.0T engine, can be called China’s strongest engine.As the integration of Chery Kunpeng Power, this 2.0t power has the maximum power of 187kW, peak torque of 390N·m, zero acceleration only 7.3 seconds, and comprehensive fuel consumption of only 7L over 100 km.This intrepent power, coupled with more than 4 meters 8 long, more than 2 meters 8 wheelbase, in the Chinese brand in large SUV, Jietuo X90 dragon few rivals.No comparison, no harm.We may as well compare the data to directly feel how strong the “China heart” is.In a luxury brand models, 2 head engine displacement SUV starting price in two or three hundred thousand yuan, the highest price of six or seven hundred thousand yuan;At the same time, the list of luxury brand SUV has been low power and medium power directly omitted, the display of the maximum power and maximum torque parameters are 2.0T engine high power version, that is to say, the maximum power is generally above 180kW, maximum torque is generally above 350N·m.The joint venture’s SUVs are matched only by Honda’s guandao, a high-powered version of the Toyota Highlander.Jetway X90 son dragon is almost no short board, the quality of a comprehensive balance of the car.The product is not only equipped with 2.0T engine, but also with large space, strong power and high appearance level and high intelligence that consumers want. The price is about 150,000 yuan, which is a high cost performance level.At the same time, this brand is the only automotive industry commitment to lifelong warranty brand, which is not difficult to see jietu brand on their own product quality confidence.