Lunan District “People call me” hotline opens “last mile” for people service

2022-07-02 0 By

In order to solve people’s practical difficulties in living and seeking medical treatment during the epidemic prevention and control period, lunan District set up a service office led by the deputy secretary of the District Party Committee and composed of 47 dispatched personnel on March 27, and opened a hotline of 6312358.We will collect, delegate, supervise and give feedback 24 hours a day to the people about their difficulties in daily life, so as to effectively break through the “last mile” of serving the people.”Looking at the empty road, I was really desperate. I didn’t think they could find me so quickly, and I had to trust the government at this critical moment!”Friendship street volunteer small Lu excitedly said.Xiao Lu is jiangxi to tangshan tourism college students, the epidemic occurred stranded in the information building seven days hotel, at that time xiao Lu has been unable to pay room fees, accommodation, meals are a problem, in need of help, but under xiao Lu called the “people call I should” service hotline.After receiving the call, the “People call me and answer” service office immediately issued a special urgent delivery order. Friendship Street reception staff immediately got in touch with Lu. Thirty minutes later, after checking lu’s “double code” and nucleic acid test, they took him back to the street, provided hot water, food and accommodation for him.Now small Lu has become a volunteer in the streets, “Tangshan warm let me fall in love with the hero city, as long as I am here, will fight with everyone” epidemic “in the end, where there is a need, I will go, until home.It is understood that there are four working groups under the service office of “People call me back” : information collection, transfer, feedback, supervision and implementation.The information collection group is responsible for hotline answering, recording and other work, and will summarize the information and send it to the transfer and handling group, which will be handed over to each town and street for handling. The feedback information after the handling of the matter will be sent to the summary and feedback group, and timely feedback to the help seekers.At present, the residents’ help mainly involves material support, medical treatment and cross-regional mobility.”Hotline opened up to now, people call me problems to be ‘services office has received more than 500, BanJieLv eighty percent,” people call me should be “service hotline has become a practical and effective for inside and outside the region masses by acclaimed innovation, then, we have to make” should people call me “service hotline desirable good projects.”District party secretary Li Junchao said.Editor: Xu Yunjiao Source: Tangshan Labor Daily