Little Little Fire: Pearl and the Richardsons

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(Text | also thick) Among thousands of people, I met you and confirmed my eyes, you are the one I am looking for. Pearl’s timid appearance slowly aroused Lexie’s pity and interest, and lexie decided to approach Pearl.”I like to shop in different places,” she said. “I can buy something different there.”Lexie listened, so she took her to the garage sale.Lexie, on the other hand, finds a treasure trove and goes on a shopping spree at the flea market. In return, Pearl gets many of Lexie’s previously worn or unworn clothes because lexie says, “I have a shirt that matches your jeans.”By now, Pearl had access to the three Richardsons.Lexie has a black boyfriend, Brian, with whom she grew up (his father is a lawyer), and a best friend, Selina, with whom she secretly talks about Pearl, the shy, quiet “little orphan.”Trip likes sports activities. As a handsome boy with high appearance, good family and sports skills, Trip is never short of girlfriends.But when Lexie aggressively (and unimpressed) asks Pearl who her father is, Trip grabs Her and tells her to “shut up.”This means that the handsome man who is often thrown into the arms is a kind child.Moody is sensitive, smart, quiet and lonely. He is the closest thing to Pearl. He has a lot on his mind.He’s a dumb man with a big heart.But moody, as described in the book, does not have the high level of physical appearance that the Richardsons pride themselves on, making him the first person Pearl knew but not the one she cared most about.Only when things got tough did Pearl think of Moody.For example, Pearl follows Lexie and Trip to a late night party, lexie leaves with her boyfriend, Trip doesn’t know which girl she wants to go to, pearl can’t find anyone to drive her home, she calls Moody, who drives her home.The youngest, Isabelle, was the Richardson outlier.From lexie’s and Izzy’s own appearances, Mrs. Richardson seems to hate Izzy and pick on her.Chi would rather play the violin upstairs alone than attend the vulgar TV shows his brothers and sisters watched.As the school called the second violinist Izzy, no doubt into the violin band’s anger.She was envied by almost all the band members except Deya, who always smiled at her with a kind face that Izzy treasured.Peters, the lady violin teacher, was ill-tempered and temperamental, and much disliked by her pupils.Peters once caught Deya when he was in a bad mood, repeatedly asking her to play the violin in public and criticizing her for her actions.Looking at deya’s trembling appearance, Izzy is very sympathetic, finally unbearable, grabbed Peters’ bow to break and fell to Peters’ face…(There will be a wonderful follow-up in which Peters is beaten up by Izzy and Peters’ own personality.) Izzy is punished by attending school for two weeks.This, in turn, annoyed the conventional Mrs. Richardson.Does Richardson really hate Izzy because the mother just blames izzy instead of understanding exactly why izzy did something wrong?Totally wrong. Izzy had been the baby she wanted the most!Pearl starts to get involved with the Richardsons and starts to have deep, superficial relationships with different people.Did Mia, who had been worried that Pearl had no friends because she was restless, feel relieved?No.Mia has a vague worry, at this time, the landlord Richardson visits, in a casual conversation, learning about Mia’s situation, he is kind enough to invite Mia to help her clean the house, so that Mia can continue her art work without worrying about rent.Lofty Mia was about to refuse, but thought she could see Pearl at the Richardsons’ house and accepted.Things got more complicated when Mia got into the Richardson house.Pearl meets Moody first, then Lexie and Trip;Mia takes house-sitting and dinner cooking jobs for Pearl, but later forms a strong friendship with the maverick Izzy…So, at a casual glance among thousands of people, we found each other’s aura similar, “birds of a feather flock together,” but so much so.It’s getting better and better. Wu Qishi’s brilliant writing is unbearable.# Reading ## Little Little Fire #