The xiaogan Project in Hubei province has created a model of optimizing the business environment by issuing five certificates at the same time

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Recently, the “Wuhan Kegong Intelligent laser equipment project” landed in xiaogan High-tech Zone in Hubei province received a small Year gift.The real estate right certificate, construction land planning permit, construction project planning permit, approval of planning and design scheme, construction project construction permit, which need to be handled in series originally, shall be examined and handled synchronously, and finally issued synchronously.The project has become xiaogan High-tech Zone in the New Year’s first “take land to start work” five certificates with the project.Since 2021, xiaogan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have been promoting the reform of the approval system for engineering construction projects in a holistic and systematic way, continuously optimizing the approval process, streamlining the approval items and shortening the approval time, and accelerating the implementation of industrial projects with the goal of optimizing the building permit index of the business environment and improving the sense of gain of market subjects.The city has formulated the “Xiaogan City Project Construction Project Approval System Reform optimization and Promotion Plan”, forming a coordinated regulatory pattern supported by market self-discipline, government supervision and social supervision.This is not only a “test”, but also a “bayonet inward” reform.In 2021, xiaogan engineering construction project examination and approval management system examination and approval projects reached 762, 3338 items, the average time of examination and approval speed up more than 25%, optimize the business environment in Hubei province in the annual assessment of the housing system is in the forefront, Xiaogan engineering construction examination and approval projects on the “highway”.Crack the “pain is difficult to block” : before the implementation of the “five certificates” reform, from the enterprise to the construction of the “five certificates” involved 3 approval stages, 7 approval links, a number of approval processes, need to run back and forth between multiple departments.Handling time is less than 2 months, more than half a year, has become the enterprise “pain difficult to block”.In May 2021, Hubei province issued the five licenses as a “small step” to improve the business environment, and carried out pilot demonstrations in Xiaogan Anlu and other places.Xiaogan city from the challenge to see the opportunity, self-pressure, the Hanchuan City, city high-tech zone, city airport area as a municipal demonstration area, competition, competition.In addition, a “Joint Examination and Approval Service leading group” headed by the main leaders was established in each demonstration area to coordinate and optimize the allocation of service elements and resources of all departments and promote the simultaneous issuance of the five certificates at a high level.On January 27th, Xiaogan Airport Economic Zone awarded the first “five certificates” of the New Year to Lanhe Environmental Engineering (Xiaogan) Co., LTD. The land transfer contract was signed on the same day and the five certificates were obtained simultaneously.”According to the original process, enterprises need to go to multiple departments and prepare a number of documents, and it will take at least three months to get five licenses.Now the implementation of the ‘five cards with the hair’, multi-department linkage office, forward service, will streamline series management to one-time parallel management, a project a service class, enterprises look for the first service class, the rest of the things department run errands.”Xiaogan City housing and urban-rural development bureau director Cheng Peiyi said.”Take the land immediately start” : “as fast as you are, we will be as fast” take the land immediately start, difficult in “namely” on.This means that in the limited period from land “bidding, auction and listing” to delisting of the enterprise, the examination and approval of the “five certificates” must be basically completed, so as to ensure that the enterprise can obtain the “five certificates” on the day of signing the land transfer contract and have the conditions for construction.In November last year, Tianshan Farmer annual output of 40,000 tons of leisure food supply chain project settled in Xiaogan City airport area, learned that Xiaogan has “take the land to start” five certificates with the policy, Hubei Tianshan Farmer supply chain Technology Co., LTD. Legal representative Wang Wei first reaction is questioned: “is it true, can cash?””As fast as you are, we are as fast as you are,” the approval authority promised.Bright attitude, to the enterprise to eat a reassuring.After the commitment to see action, service special class stationed in the project, the whole process with do, help, guidance do.Wang Wei sighed: “in the past, it was chasing the department, but now the department is leading the run;In the past, it was “a quick grasp of eyebrows and beard”, but now it is “clear and smooth operation”, taking the land immediately to start, want to slow down.”Lack of approval” : The government and enterprises with the same frequency to force the lack of approval requirements, why can get the construction permit?In Xiaonan District, Xiaogan City, Hubei Province world City Industrial Development Co., Ltd. and other 5 industrial projects for “take the land immediately start” five certificates with the issuance of procedures, the lack of construction drawing design documents review qualified, construction quality supervision and registration, construction safety supervision and registration of three requirements.Xiaogan in the city’s implementation of construction permits for construction projects “lack tolerance approval + inform commitment system.””The applicant can promise in written form to make up for the lack of materials within the prescribed time limit and bear the corresponding legal responsibilities and consequences. We can directly make the approval decision.”Xiaogan City housing and Urban-Rural development bureau deputy director Liu Yongcai explained.After the project leader signed the letter of commitment, the five enterprises in Xiaonan district got the construction permit before the Chinese New Year, without delaying the start of the project after the New Year.Up to now, Xiaogan city has optimized the engineering construction project “approval flow chart” “approval items list” “internal consultation approval items list” and 18 supporting systems.The number of examination and approval items has been reduced from 77 to 44, and 15 multi-level examination and approval flow charts cover all types of engineering construction projects, making the examination and approval faster.”Lack tolerance approval” “take land immediately to start work” reflects xiaogan city is gradually from “prior approval” to “in-process supervision” transformation.Xiaogan will reform the approval system of engineering construction projects into the optimization of the business environment to focus on the important work, the municipal party committee, the main leaders of the municipal government on the monthly notice of industrial reform to give instructions, common problems by the municipal government supervision office tracking supervision, personality problems by the municipal business office, industrial reform office “point to point” to print and distribute “important matters to do”.”We have always taken the ‘enterprise perspective’ as our work perspective, constantly optimizing the reform of the approval system and strengthening the supervision during and after work, so that projects can be carried out lightly and landed efficiently,” said The director of the city’s natural resources and planning Bureau.(Hu Xiaoxuan, Wei Haoxing) (Editor: Guo Tingting, Guan Xiyan) Share to let more people see