Hunan High Speed Railway Vocational College: Instructor training skills “Competition”

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Counselor professional Ability contest preliminary competition.Contestants answer the questions.Hongnet moment Hengyang April 1 news (correspondent Cao Linyan Deng Xian) combined with theory and practice, continuing to keep is and innovation, integration of skills and quality……Recently, hunan High Speed Railway Vocational and Technical College of the 9th instructor quality and ability competition final wonderful “competition”.196 full-time and part-time counselors participated in the preliminary competition this year in order to continuously improve the professional ability of counselors and the quality of ideological and political education of college students, improve the innovation consciousness and theoretical level, and enhance the professionalism and specialization level of counselors.Compared with previous competitions, this year’s competition saw a record number of part-time instructors participating.After fierce competition, 12 contestants entered the final.The final is divided into three parts: fish eye mixing, description and positioning, and education case sharing.In the competition, the players have a good command of students’ faces and basic information. They are logical and clear in the face of selected cases. Based on the actual work, they are able to respond logically and move their emotions.Counselors combine their own professional knowledge, techniques and methods to help students solve all kinds of puzzles and problems in study, life, employment, emotion and personal growth.The principal of the school requires the counselors to be the “guiders” of students’ thoughts, the “fellow guiders” of students’ growth, and the “pathbreakers” of students’ careers.The counselors should make persistent efforts with a high sense of political responsibility and mission, and push the ideological and political education of students and the construction of counselors to a new and higher level.After the competition, counselors said that this activity is helpful to help students make good career planning and improve vocational and technical skills;The employment of students concept guidance, policy guidance, psychological counseling, so that students less detours, improve the success rate of employment.Next, the school will select outstanding counselors to participate in the provincial Competition of Quality and Ability competition, and well-known experts will be invited to give specific guidance, so as to make full preparations for the competition of counselors.