Children fail once dare not try, the ability to resist setbacks is poor, several methods to cultivate the baby inverse quotient

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My child doesn’t want to go to kindergarten because she can’t draw dogs properly.The child would be tearful at the slightest difficulty at home, hesitant and unsure of himself.In daily life, there are many such children, obviously is a small thing, will make them depressed, lose confidence, even pessimistic and disappointed.Just like the neighborhood baby, he didn’t want to go to school because he couldn’t draw well.This shows that children lack the ability to face difficulties and fear failure.Everyone will encounter failure, the baby in the process of growing up, will naturally more or less encounter difficulties and setbacks.If the baby’s ability to resist setbacks is poor, parents will become anxious and even worried that the child does not have the courage to face difficulties alone in the future.Parents’ attitude is very important when their children are in trouble.Parents should teach their children that it is ok to fail, and that the most important thing is to overcome difficulties and move forward.Kids throw tantrums because of little things that don’t go their way, or they stagnate when they encounter difficulties.Can give up oneself even, explain fight rub ability is poor, psychology bears ability is bad also.There are many reasons why children’s ability to resist frustration is getting worse and worse.In today’s families, there are many only children.For the sake of safety, adults rarely let children move freely.If the baby wants to go out to play at ordinary times, it must be accompanied by parents and rarely can leave the eyesight of adults.Children do not belong to their own space, under the protection of adults, there is no frustration and difficulties, until the school, leave the care of parents, encounter a little difficulty will be sad to cry.Sometimes, when the baby does something wrong and the parents criticize too harshly, the child will also lose confidence.There are parents like in public, in front of a lot of people to deny the baby, this will let the child no self-esteem.Your baby may experience rejection when playing with peers of the same age.Sometimes, there are conflicts between children, in the dispute, the child is also at a disadvantage, often this will make children feel frustrated.02, the teacher brings frustration teacher for children is very important, may be sometimes, the teacher only pay attention to other children, and did not pay attention to their own.Or the teacher praised the other babies and snubbed herself.Frustration can arise when a child wants to communicate with a teacher, or when the teacher is absent when the child wants to express something.Children’s life, in fact, not as smooth as we see, will experience a lot of tests.Parents, they should properly cultivate their children’s ability to cope with setbacks.03, real frustration education parents want to do a good job of real frustration education, is to let children learn to face their own problems, to solve the difficulties.In this process, parents can not only pay attention to frustration, the most crucial is guidance and education.First: let children moderately participate in challenging games. When I was young, I played checkers with my husband and cried when I lost at the beginning of the game.Then we encourage the baby to continue to work hard, believe that must be able to win, so slowly develop the child to deal with setbacks of the psychological.Two bao victory, I will be in the side to encourage him, so as to give the baby more and more confident.Parents can also take their children to play games, while playing with their children to discuss how to break the next level, for the baby’s correct advice to encourage the child, can enhance the baby to overcome difficulties confidence, no matter what difficulties, children will feel their parents behind them.Second: give children the opportunity to grow up independently in the minds of many parents, anti-business education is to let children to experience hardship, feel failure, to create more setbacks for children.But we don’t need to expose children to too many artificial setbacks, because there are many small challenges in their growing up.For example, going out alone for the first time, dressing for the first time and so on, these are opportunities for children to grow up.Above all, it’s best to let go at the right age for your child.Third: to help children, reserved parents for their children’s love is meticulous, when see children do things do not do well, immediately go to help do, or a help in the end.Because of this kind of help from parents, children will lack initiative to do things.Always feel that they can do nothing, always rely on the help of adults, will not find a way to solve the problem, and do not want to continue to try after failure, so that children will become less and less able to resist frustration.When the baby needs help, parents should be reserved to help, or give the child a little hint, guide the baby through their own efforts to do things.Instead of directly helping them achieve their goals, they should create a better environment for their children to grow up.In addition to these tricks, I also want to share with you that my children often read the Children’s Inverse Quotient Picture book. There are 12 books in this series, each with a theme, which are all scenes that children will encounter in their lives, and they have a strong sense of immersion.Myth: Parents can’t stay with their children forever to protect them for life. Babies are not as fragile as we think.Excessive intervention will deprive the child of the opportunity to grow.Parents should use the right way to guide children how to actively face setbacks, learn to grow in adversity.(The pictures in this article are from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete them.)