After the Spring Festival, the precious father became popular, netizens: Raising children, is to force him to study hard

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The Spring Festival, as a day of national celebration, parents will gradually relax their requirements on their children, especially in the days before and after the Spring Festival, no matter how children play and indulge, most parents will turn a blind eye.However, in the waning days of the Spring Festival, a bao dad’s circle of friends was posted online, attracting the attention of the whole Internet.Still in the sleep of the child, in the morning less than 6:00, by his father with cold water splash wake up.A lot of people see this behind the scenes, have said: the father’s heart, really too ruthless.Cold water to wake my son up to study on such a cold day is truly chilling.However, if the line of sight is adjusted again to the father’s circle of friends will find: because the previous day to do the exam paper too many mistakes, the primary school student in the evening of the sixth day, do huanggang exam paper until 11 o ‘clock.Sleep time is less than 7 hours, the next day in the morning, my father woke up with cold water to study.Many netizens saw the scene and said: the third grade pupil, how to force him so?What’s more, everyone is resting and on winter vacation.Many parents saw this behind the scenes feeling: clearly is in the winter vacation, especially in the state of reducing the burden, should not increase so much pressure and chips to children.Many parents who advocate quality education are extremely resistant to the father’s behavior, saying: Such children will not be too competitive in the future.Most parents, though, just want their children to be better and have stronger expectations for them.But if parents push their children too hard as they learn and grow, they can overwhelm them, and education experts say all you need to do to raise a child is force him to work hard as a teenager.There are several reasons why many parents agree with this statement.Low quality of learning, more terrible waste a child is to force him to work hard, force him to be diligent.The reason why this statement has won so many people’s approval is that this kind of forced learning is completely in the state of low quality learning.The efficiency of learning is very low. If children fall into this kind of learning state for a long time, they will not only lose the initiative of learning in the future, but also immerse themselves in negative emotions, which is very terrible.2, advanced education, overdraw learning enthusiasm most of the parents who force their children to study hard, constantly work hard, implement, are advanced education.Especially in the primary school stage, the form of advanced education, can enable children to master certain knowledge, to achieve certain results.However, this lead, only a short effect, overdraw, is the child’s ability to learn.3, will only learn, do not know how to think for a long time in the parents of pressure and pressure to grow up under the children, it seems that learning is very hard, but, they can only learn, do not know how to think.They have not formed their own learning cognition and methods, so they fall into the vicious circle, their future learning ability will also decline, the future learning efficiency is extremely low.4, low learning efficiency, overdraw health into this cycle of children, their learning efficiency is very low, and overdraw the child’s learning ability and physical health at the expense of their long-term development in learning is not beneficial.1. Method is more important than learning Time. Most parents have a strong understanding of learning and education, so they keep a high level of attention on their children’s education.However, as children learn and grow, parents need to realize that how they learn is far more important than how long they learn.As long as they master the learning method, they can not only improve their learning efficiency in a short time, but also make their grades more stable.2, the formation of the way of thinking, it is more important to let the children become talented, to let the children have a stronger competitiveness in the future, from childhood to cultivate the children’s mode of thinking and the establishment of principles, is very key and important.After establishing the thinking mode, they can face learning with higher efficiency and improve their competitiveness.The improvement of thinking ability can not be completed in a short time, but requires long-term persistence to form the consciousness of independent learning and unique thinking method.Voltaire once said that to succeed in this world, one must follow through: one must never let go until one dies.No parent wants their children to be useless, they want them to be infinitely competitive.The growth and success of children does not change because of parents’ wishes.Although parents’ subjective will is good, it is closely related to parents’ education methods and ideas.These are important points that cannot be ignored if children are to be able to learn for a long time and gain a head start in their future studies.What do you think: How to let children in a better state into learning, stimulate their initiative in learning.Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences below.