The end of the golden generation 85 highlights the non-original sin of Chinese football “dishes”

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The 2-0 loss to Oman was not only the end of China’s run to the Qatar World Cup, but also the official end of the 85 national youth team.Born in 1987, Hao Junmin is the last member of the current national team of the 85 Golden Generation.In the second half of the China-Arab War, the third brother came on as a substitute, more like a golden generation of players with a sense of ritual closure.People always say that “food” is the original sin of Chinese football.If the current level of Chinese men’s football compared to the Asian teams, that is not wrong.But if you stretch it out a bit, Chinese football has produced promising players over the past two decades.The most typical is the “three elder brothers” this batch of golden generation of national youth players.Together with qu Bo and The “super Platinum generation” earlier, they are the lucky ones who grew up after China’s football professionalism reform.The start of their football career coincided with the heyday of the a-league in the 1990s.All of them have done well, even amazing, at the Asian Youth or World Youth championships.Their existence, let us have to admit a fact: “food” is not the original sin of Chinese football.Chinese football should reflect on why, from qu Bo to the “three brothers”, a batch of players who once brought us a lot of surprises, not only can not make The Chinese football has the slightest improvement, but reduced to now even Vietnam, Oman, such a former “younger brother” can casually step on the foot?Feng Jianming, the team leader of the 85 National Youth Team, has publicly admitted that even among the golden generation of players in the 85 national Youth Team, there are cases of age fraud.One consequence of the age change, he says, is that players have a lower talent rate and shorter careers.But he also stressed that age fiddling is not a matter for players to decide, it is a social problem.From this point of view, the original sin of Chinese football has a great deal to do with the chaotic management of football association at all levels and the desire for quick success and instant profits.In addition to the false age, many young players in 85 countries fell prematurely, in Feng Jianming’s opinion, is caused by the environment of football.In such an environment, some of the original characteristics of the players, often do not have a better opportunity to grow.Some players lose the motivation to keep going, don’t demand much of themselves and squander their talent.In other words, it seems to do more damage to Chinese football due to the poor professional quality of individual young players than to age misrepresentation.However, we should see that, on the whole, the professional quality of the players is not related to the individual, but the concentrated reflection of the professional quality of the whole Chinese football practitioners.Young players’ perceptions of their careers, for example, are of course most affected by coaches.The attitude of football association and clubs, which are responsible for the assessment of coaches, directly determines the attitude of coaches to work.There is no reason to expect the quality of the players to exceed the level of the industry, especially in the current Chinese football system, where the players are relatively weak.Unfortunately, for a long time, both the Chinese Football Association and Chinese football investors cannot escape the fate of gambling on the World Cup again and again.Football association in order to gamble on the World Cup, never really take into account the interests of the league, the league’s many policies are too capricious.This situation goes round and round, even if the club investors want to build a hundred club, the reality is not allowed, can only play with a speculative mentality.Therefore, in the professional football circle of China, the problem of unpaid salary of clubs has not been reduced for a long time, and it is becoming more and more serious, with the trend that the law does not blame the public.The entire world of football, from football association officials to club investors to players, is unable to plan for the future and can only slip on the watermelon rink.Even if a handful of players are lucky enough to emerge, it is only a matter of time before they are assimilated into mediocrity in Chinese football.In fact, even foreign players who have been in China for a long time will take the initiative to adapt to rather than improve the environment of Chinese football, let alone those local players who are young and famous?The third brother was able to hold out until the last minute of this World Cup qualifier, as the main player of the 85 golden generation, he has done his duty.However, Chinese football this big dye VAT, or did not let go of such a talented and professional quality of both players, the pain of unpaid wages also round to him.And, so far, there is no sign of any change in China’s football environment. People seem to have turned a blind eye to things like unpaid wages.How does this leave the “three elder brother” successors to face such a treacherous football arena?A famous youth football coach told reporters that after 2005, the number and quality of children playing football has been greatly improved, he believes that there is great hope for the future of Chinese football.From the technical level, we believe that There will be a “super platinum generation” and a “golden generation” of Chinese football in the future.And, as the training level improves, it’s not surprising that there will be some players whose overall ability exceeds that of the 85 golden generation in the future.However, if we continue to take a gamble and wait for these players to grow up and then expect them to create Chinese soccer miracles, we will probably end up disappointed.How to create a future for the successors of the “three big brothers”, for those talented young players in the future, no large-scale unpaid wages, so that every player can play with dignity, is the Chinese football from top to bottom now need to seriously think and take action.We should have the courage to admit that “dishes” is not the original sin of Chinese football, and the football VAT that makes players become “dishes” is the original sin of Chinese football.Article | YanYi only edit | fat cat