Half an year take an examination of graduate student, how is ability possible

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There are two important questions about how to be admitted to graduate schools: 1. How to choose schools to ensure that they can be admitted with a little effort, but also better than the employment of undergraduate schools.2. How to review, improve scores in a short time, and be admitted to the ideal university.In 2018, I was admitted to a key university in China. My classmates have one, two and three undergraduate courses. I wonder how the students with average undergraduate degree can get into this university?I asked several of my classmates, and I kept their successful methods in mind. In recent years, some people asked me for advice about the postgraduate entrance examination, and I told them these methods.Here are 5 ways to get on your way to graduate school.Method 1: Choice is more important than effort.Choose a school that is better than your undergraduate school, but not much better.Have you ever heard that your senior student did very well in her studies and received the first-class scholarship every year. But she failed to pass the postgraduate entrance exam because of her poor scores in the school she applied for?In fact, your elder sister’s good grades are only in competition with the surrounding students. For example, if you are from an ordinary school, her good grades can only mean that she is good in an ordinary school, but if she is placed in a 985 school, she may be worse.Therefore, it will be very stressful to compete with a group of excellent students from other schools.So, I would say, think of yourself as a normal person and acknowledge that you are normal.Only in this way, when choosing a school will not be blindly arrogant.Before the review, my undergraduate classmate took the postgraduate entrance examination for Central University of Finance and Economics. In the middle of the review, she changed to Tianjin University of Finance and Economics. In the last two months, she changed to her Alma mater (two books).So how to choose the right school, to ensure that the school is good, but also their own admission?You can take a look at the schools your seniors have been admitted to over the years, rather than the schools they applied to.Basically, you are admitted to schools that are better than your undergraduate school.For example, what you go up in undergraduate course is 2, so your graduate student can consider an ordinary one, if have enough time to prepare, at the same time mathematics and specialized course is good, also can see 211 and 985.If only for half a year, still want to choose a cost-effective school — low test difficulty and good ranking school.Method 2: see you enter oneself for an examination the official website of the school, there can be to enter oneself for an examination the information such as major introduction, admission number, examination subject.Then I want to have a good school, major how to choose?In the case of short review time, I think it is better not to change majors, especially cross-examination, such as engineering cross-examination of finance, chemical cross-examination of accounting, just like the usual pig, you ask him to learn to play the piano immediately, he will be difficult, if you ask him to raise cattle, he can easily.Also have a look at the test review reference books, you think about college did not learn, buy a few books to quickly turn over, how difficult, if every knowledge point takes a lot of time to think, then give up decisively.Finally is this major recruited a few people last year, a few are recommended, a few are external examination recruit students.At that time, my undergraduate classmate applied for the financial engineering major of Shanghai Finance and Economics, recruiting dozens of people, but the actual quota for foreign schools is only 4, I asked, do you dare to apply?Method 3: Arrange the review time reasonably.First of all, you have to understand what is the most difficult subject for postgraduate entrance examination.For hard bones, it takes a lot of time to crack.If take an examination of grind subject inside have mathematics, that is mathematics and specialized course most important, politics and English need to strengthen memory only good.You need to devote a lot of time to your math and specialized courses. If you have half a year to review, you should spend at least half of your time reviewing advanced math every day, so that you have 5 hours of revision time. Of course, if you are good at math, you can shorten the time.The major is also important, but you can devote 30% of your time to the major, say 10 hours of effective revision a day, and 3 hours to the major.Tip 4: Admit that you are normal.Many people do not want to admit that they are ordinary, think that they are different, which will also bring you review trouble.For example, I chose a very difficult tutorial book and exercise set instead of watching online videos or doing after-school exercises when reviewing mathematics, which also caused great trouble for my review.In fact, we ignore the real purpose of the postgraduate entrance examination – to understand basic concepts, live learning and use.Concept from the textbook, the textbook concept is not understood, how to do the problem.Just like you don’t know the mathematical formula, how can you calculate the next step?Later, I had the honor to contact to take an examination of one’s deceased father grind tutor, he said to do all the exercises on the textbook, probably can get 50% of the mark, then buy some exercises set, above simple and a little difficult to do, you get 80% of the mark.The rest of the problem, you think for two hours will not be, just give up, the exam can not do it.Such, take an examination of a good 985 and 211 school is enough.Review the process of mathematics, is a step by step process.Just like playing a game, you need to constantly improve your skills, starting from the most basic, through the accumulation of a number of difficult problems, and then do the years of real problems, simulation problems.A lot of people did not take part in the postgraduate entrance exam, basically because the high number test is very poor, on the surface is the score high or low problem, in fact, is the order of the problem.They did not do the simplest exercises after class, directly do the problems in the tutorial book, resulting in the exam did not do well.The reason is that the basic concepts and principles have not been mastered, and the correct rate and speed have not been improved. This is the reason why we need to do exercises in textbooks.Later, when I talked with my classmates, I found that those who had done well in the math exam had taken detailed notes, including concepts, formulas and typical questions.They all memorize notes before they do the problem, that’s right, memorize notes.They will recite what they remember from their notes in their own words, including definitions, principles and formulas, and so on, before they do the problems.They will not miss every question, including the textbook exercises, they also did three times, just to make sure that the basic calculation is correct.Mathematics is the accumulation of quantity.Do you remember how you studied for math in the SATS?In the third stage, through a large number of exercises to temper themselves, to develop a good habit of solving problems.Later, take an examination of grind and take an examination of civil servant experience to tell me a truth, be “3000 law” — I at that time zhang Yu’s “1000” and “civil servant 1000” did three times, so that I feel high number really progress a lot of, solve a problem thinking also clear a lot of.Mathematics does not have good method, can calculate more only, more practice, professional class also is this set piece.English and politics. I’ll just say a few words.I took the English 2 exam and got 81 points, which was already very high.Don’t listen to those tricks, tricks can quickly improve the score, are deceptive.You only back more words, reading will naturally, how to back words, the proposal to buy wang Jiangtao’s “10 days to fix the vocabulary of one’s deceased father grind”.I recite half an hour every day, a book recite 7 times, now think of all moved.Then do two readings a day, which takes half an hour.Make sure to review English for 1 hour every day.Politics is more simple, many people are afraid of politics, so crazy watching videos, do exercises, several hours a day, and finally politics more than 60, math more than 60 (math full mark 150), the final total score is not enough.Before October, just recite “Strong grass in the Wind”. If philosophy is not good, you can read it carefully, but don’t spend too much time, just one hour a day.After October, you can do multiple choice questions, especially multiple choice questions, which is a little difficult.After December, Xiao Xiurong’s 4 sets of papers, 8 sets of papers out, you back his short answer, the exam encountered questions, hard to write, at least can get 60% of the score.Method 5: take an examination of grind besides take an examination of knowledge, also ratio heart strength.Are you a fan of the iPhone?The fans who get up in the middle of the night and go to stores to get their hands on the newly released phones, endure cold and hunger just to experience the joys of technology, that’s what I’m talking about.If you are not motivated enough to take part in the postgraduate entrance exam, you just follow the herd mentality – we take an exam, I will also take an exam, large probability will fail.If you take it seriously, think about it day and night, eat and sleep hard, think of failing the postgraduate entrance examination, the job is hard to find, the salary is low, you will risk your life to do this thing.Postgraduate entrance examination is not as simple as you think, so beautiful, there will be a lot of difficulties.But I think that the postgraduate entrance examination process for many people, is an unforgettable memory, can let you temper courage, for a thing to fight a life regardless of personal danger.Even if your final result is not very good, but think about that time, I have to dream persistent, hard, is not very good.Can half an year time take an examination of graduate student after all?I believe you can, it is better to try according to my method, ask yourself six months later.