Chengdu Tianfu public security police turned into “porters” 24 hours on duty epidemic prevention front line

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On February 24, Lijingyuan, Fulong Community, Tianfu New District, Sichuan province, entered the fourth day after lockdown.The passing vehicles on the street at the gate of the community are in good order, and take-out, express delivery and other items are collected and placed in strict accordance with the management process.The police assigned by tianfu New District Branch of Chengdu Public Security Bureau are on duty in shifts 24 hours a day. As time goes by, the civil auxiliary police do not relax. It is the duty of the Tibetan Blue guardians to guard the pass and stop the epidemic chain.In addition, it is our original intention to help the masses within our capacity.Community “separation wall” outside a picture of police and people concentric, let a person feel at ease and warm.The weather is getting warmer and the day of victory is getting closer.Fulong community Beautiful Garden is just huayang police station community police Yang Zhijie daily jurisdiction area.On February 21, the first day of lockdown control, Yang Zhijie received dozens of phone calls and text messages from residents of the community asking questions. He patiently answered them one by one, tried his best to appease the masses and help them through the most difficult early stage of lockdown control.On February 22, the investigation in the community out of a “red code” of the masses, but the masses are very resistant to centralized isolation point.At this point, Yang Zhijie took out the special skills of the community police – put facts to reason.At his persuasion, the crowd finally agreed to go to the centralized quarantine point.In addition to guarding the pass strict control, Yang Zhijie also did more.In the past few days of lockdown, he actively helped contact medical staff for remote guidance and learned how to deal with and treat any pregnant woman, old or sick person, or minor illness or pain in the community.Neighbors believe him, he is also willing to help, “isolation wall” cut off the epidemic, separated from the police fish and water situation.At nearly 1 p.m., Yang zhijie finished his work and was preparing to eat when the phone rang.The original enthusiastic masses sent food supplies for the residents of the containment area, is coming soon, Yang Zhijie eat while communicating with each other unloading position and staffing arrangements.”Let’s get some more to eat and then we’ll be strong enough to carry supplies.”Yang Zhijie said jokingly with his comrades.In a short while, two trucks carrying frozen dumplings and fresh fruits and vegetables arrived at the gate of the Lijingyuan district, the traffic police on duty on the road also came to command the truck to park a good position.There are 780 households, each with two bags of dumplings and two bags of dumplings. Yang zhijie called three auxiliary police officers and community workers on duty to help unload the bags.North dumplings, south dumplings, the community no matter where the masses come from, can feel the warmth and sweetness.The consideration of caring people is meticulous and thoughtful, and the auxiliary police of tianfu public security pass this love with both hands.In addition to frozen food, a cart full of nearly eight tons of fresh vegetables has been packed in bags for 780 households, each weighing about 20 kilograms.Each bag of vegetables includes cauliflower, cabbage, garlic sprouts, potatoes and radishes.Who could resist a delicious pot of bacon sausage and turnip soup during their isolation at home?The epidemic suddenly, let a person catch off guard, but tianfu public security quickly attack, firm conviction of victory.In this special day, the masses help each other, the police people with one heart, we are working hard for the early arrival of victory, adhere to.The breeze blows and the sun warms.Outside the wall, the afternoon sun still shines brightly.(Cloud late night express reporter: Xu Ying)