Can teachers concentrate on education?Primary and secondary school canteen: Will affect teaching should be closed

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Whether primary and secondary schools should open canteens depends on the specific situation of the school.A school has a large number of students. Some of the dormitories are far away from the school, and it takes a long time to go back and forth. Therefore, it is necessary to open a restaurant to provide lunch for students.If there is a boarding request for students, the school also has the conditions to provide boarding services for students.These are the practical starting points for schools and students.The school where the author works is the central primary school in the township, which has jurisdiction over primary schools in 8 villages. The central primary school can provide students with accommodation services and lunch services. According to the specific situation of their families, students have three choices: one is boarding, one only has school lunch, and the other has three meals at home.Among the primary schools in the eight villages under its jurisdiction, two schools have canteens that provide lunch, and both schools accept students from both villages. The original schools have been removed, and some students are far away from home and have to eat at the school, so the central primary school supports the school canteens.The other six villages are so small that only students from their own villages can study. Students are so close to home that they do not need to eat at school or have a school canteen.In the whole town, if the families of the students can’t take care of the students, the parents can apply to attend the central primary school. In the village primary school, there are no conditions for students to live in the dormitory.Therefore, whether the need to open a canteen, to provide what kind of service to students, depends on the conditions of the school and the needs of students, THE author does not agree with the main question said “close the canteen, teachers concentrate on education”, once the school opened a canteen, teachers can not concentrate on education?Want to concentrate on class and dining hall have no relationship, the student is the school lunch, teachers organize students to eat and accompany during the day, are shift system, boarding students by logistics personnel and teachers shift, shift teachers by overtime processing, although the overtime pay is not high, but the sense of responsibility of the teacher is very willing to accept this job.Our school canteen has been open for more than 10 years, but no teacher ever said that canteen would affect work, so I can’t concentrate on work. Whether I can concentrate on work depends on my attitude and whether the school has opened a canteen.What is your opinion on this issue?