1 failed photo, a total of 3 photographic taboo, take flowers to be careful

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Intermediate photography class, comment photos every day.The picture below (Picture 1) is of a failing student.There are three main reasons.As the main body of the photo, the branches of plum blossom are straight up and down, lack of changes, and the overall shape is not good.Plus, the flowers are facing the camera, which is obviously the wrong Angle.Normally, flowers should have a certain Angle with the lens, in order to better show the three-dimensional effect;Whole branch should have certain slope and change, ability shows its nature, beautiful.Two, with improper selection of the body, the flower branches on the right side of the body as a companion, not only thick branches, obvious light and shadow, attract attention, and tilt out of the picture, with the main body does not have any echo of the meaning, obviously is improper selection of the body.In particular, the flowers and branches behind the subject are entangled with the subject and seriously interfere with the performance of the subject.Three, the light is not good flowers back to the light source, the flower under the backlight outer petal exposure is excessive, the inner petal exposure is insufficient, the light ratio is too big.So the light is not good.Comparatively speaking, the following figure (Figure 2) is better.Figure 2. The main flower branch of this photo is full and varied, and the light is soft.The flower branch of the companion body is weaker than the main body in form, consistent with the main body form, and has been made imaginary processing, and the main body flower branch has a certain natural slope, so the primary and secondary, natural beauty.Of course, there are other problems with this photo, such as interference in the lower left and upper right corner, and a slightly cluttered background.Learn photography, search: photography intermediate class.Thank you for your likes and comments.Feel free to share photos from your phone’s album on the message board.Learn from each other and make progress together.