Working till 5:00 a.m., is that a cannonball?A young man turns into a zombie

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One user posted a poignant moment:I really want to poke fun at tencent, before my husband in the state of jingdong work well, our life is not affected by what, since a few years forward of tencent, my god, don’t exaggerate, really have to work overtime every day, and it is eleven o ‘clock that evening, it has been six years, recently more extravagant, added to five o ‘clock in the morning my day you dare to believe?And Saturday and Sunday do not rest, early morning is still back to the group message is very normal.Is this cannibalism?Vitality of the young man get into a no zombie, depression, going to quit this period of time, always thought that life slowly will be ok before, now given up hope, capitalists buy from you that day is not going to put you when people quickly, this topic has attracted many programmers, have published their own points of view:Tencent is not a company, but a collection of hundreds of small companies.If the department isn’t working, move to another one. Sometimes you won’t believe the changes.Is this, TX is the most hypocritical sweatshop, the most calculating employees of the company.Should not leave office early, Tencent some departments do not roll but benefit is low.Your husband should do well for six years.Go to the Internet had better have a little thought to prepare, you have to think why nickname all call what what factory, because the factory is the production line of iron, the worker of flowing water, the person is plain a manipulator on the production line.What difference do you see in Internet companies other than not working on the shop floor?Oh, no, Internet companies still have to keep trying and trying to find new BU to attract investment, the bad BU will be snapped off, this is the breakthrough of the Internet, not only people flow, even the production line you work can also say no.Therefore,, can work overtime shows that at least the benefit is good, at least the job is still in.I feel that Tencent ** has been dying for nearly a year now.Jingdong?Did I hear you right? I’m 1075. I’m feeling good.Occasionally leave work at 9 o ‘clock.5:00 in the morning is a bit of an exaggeration. Are you sure he was working overtime, not someone outside?.Congratulations to real Tencent.The pot calling the kettle black. Sooner or later, the country will crack down on the overtime culture. Otherwise, there will be no time to carry on the family name.The e difference between Tencent’s departments is so big that ordinary people can’t imagine, Tencent’s recruitment departments are relatively poor.Has become a veritable blood-sucking factory!.[Smirk] Why don’t you say how much your salary has gone up?The post can’t edit again, I just want to send a post poking fun at the capitalists, that a gun out of so many new age * * *, really sorry, do you like kneeling is your things in life, we have to shore ran away, and those who don’t want to come in kneeling companies, I don’t think people able to at least give us some self-esteem also worthy of respect,You u look like this, I really don’t know what to say, can only wish an early entry into the factory, even in my dream.Jingdong seems to be the same.Can endure six years show your husband’s health is good, ordinary people have already died.Is it possible that it’s not really overtime….Also, from other netizens’ views: you can not pull, you said the opposite bar [big speechless] Tencent into jingdong just so [smirk].I used to work in Tencent Education, at 10:30.I got off work at six o ‘clock in the afternoon, I never worked overtime, the work was very relaxed, miss ah, this year’s double reduction, the whole project is not done, layoffs, and now I am forced to change industries.Actually, I don’t think it’s weird to work overtime.It depends on how you define your life.If what you need is a job that makes money and you want to get to work on time and have a life, then you should find a job that is relaxing and doesn’t require as much overtime, but doesn’t pay as much.But if you’re also using your job as a means to make money, you’re just putting off enjoying life.Plan to work for 15 years, save enough millions to retire early and do something worthwhile.So actually can bear within the overtime is nothing!It depends on what you want to do with your life!.Oh, it couldn’t have been added to 5:00 last night and caught you by accident.Tencent is very voluptuously.965 welcomes you, and I’d like to give you a 20% or 30% discount on your salary.Jingdong is to pull the fighter jet, overtime ranking notorious.Tencent is a vampire, the king of pesticide harm is a lot of minor children.My child was cheated by Tencent when junior high school small ten thousand dollars!.Xiaobian with the world’s best language: boa, wrote a small tool, to analyze the comments of users, and the results into a word cloud visualization, analysis results are as follows.What do you think about this problem?Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments section of this article.