The 71st Group Army “Jianghuai Eagle” let team family members, really back home!

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Write in front of every festival times miss relatives, the Spring Festival approaching, there is a group of “reverse to return home” people came to the 71st Group army “Jianghuai Eagle”, only to reunite with the family members who stick to the battle position, they use a unique way to pass love and understanding, with practical action interpretation of “you protect the war eagle, I protect you”.It is understood that during the Spring Festival, the “Jianghuai Eagle” station of the 71st Group Army organized a “heart-warming activity” for the families of the officers and soldiers to feel the warmth of the barracks family under the strict implementation of the requirements of epidemic prevention and control.Holding the gun to protect the country in the officers and soldiers accompanied by the families watched the decomposition of guns combined with the demonstration.Military children or the first time close observation, excited curiosity all written on the face, can not wait to experience, feel a hand holding the feeling of steel gun.▲ Watch guns decomposition combined with edges and corners “tofu block” “go out to see the queue, the door to see the internal affairs”.Internal affairs is the basic embodiment of a qualified soldier’s accomplishment.The military wives and children went into the dormitory together, and their neat housekeeping won them a burst of admiration.Day after day, grinding edge, carving and excellence…”Square” is a soldier’s unique “muscle memory”, only on the life in order, the critical moment can be accurate attack.As the guardian of the “War eagle”, the officers and soldiers of the station bear the mission of flight support all the year round.Their memories of War Eagle are limited to mobile phones and TV screens.This close-up experience not only satisfied the curiosity of the families, but also made them understand the work of their husbands and the responsibility and responsibility of soldiers.”You may not be the Great Wall of steel of our motherland, but it is their most solid support.”Military marriage is not easy, military family is even more difficult, in order to let the officers and soldiers of the family more in-depth understanding of the work and life of the army, the family sign as a memorial, eat a reunion dinner, take a photo…A wave of parent-child activities will bring the festival atmosphere to a climax.They are the arms to rely on, they are the harbor behind, although the time together is short, but let this Spring Festival become special.”You protect the country and I protect the family. Together, we make the country and the family.”Military wife Guo Beibei said.Salute to military families!Mastermind: Li Dawei, Guo Yongkai Authors: Xu Haidong, Deng Yanrong, Liao Xinyi Supervisor: Tan Yalong editor: Zhou Zhenguo intern editor: Li Mengyang