Georgia says it will not join economic sanctions against Russia

2022-06-29 0 By

Tbilisi, February 25 (Xinhua)Georgian Prime Minister Akira Garibashvili said Thursday that his country will not take part in sanctions against Russia because of its national interest.”I want to make it clear that Georgia is not ready to participate in the economic sanctions against Russia, taking into account the interests of the country and the people,” Garibashvili told reporters on the same day.On the same day, the Georgian opposition held a protest in front of the government, asking the government to be tough on Russia and participate in the sanctions against Russia.Garibashvili appealed for calm.He noted that Georgia pursues a pragmatic foreign policy oriented towards national interests and has maintained a peaceful and stable situation in recent years.It is in Georgia’s national interest to move closer to the European Union while also easing relations with Russia.(after)