Tourists flock to the green Moon Bay Wetland Park on the waterfront in spring

2022-06-28 0 By

On March 30, Xiangyang City Fancheng District Moon Bay Wetland Park, shady trees, crabapple flowers bloom, visitors an endless stream, citizens in the red flowers in the green willow feel the breath of spring.The Moon Bay Wetland Park has completed the planting of nearly 100 plum blossoms, and the planting and maintenance of about 10,000 square meters of new flower covers, such as willow leaf verbena and chrysanthemum.In the early stage, plum blossom, apricot, bauhinia and other flower shrubs have opened in succession. At present, begonia and cherry blossom are in full bloom, followed by golden chrysanthemum, safflower sorrel and other flowers will also bloom in succession. The most suitable season for visiting has arrived.It is reported that since the implementation of the “Green Fancheng to improve” action, the greening rate of Fancheng urban area has reached 41%. At present, the city is relying on the Hanjiang river scenery belt along the Han River, relying on the “No. 1 tourism highway” to create a rural tourism and sightseeing belt, constantly improve the quality of urban and rural environment, to create a good living environment.The editor