In 2022, 400 students will be recruited from Chongqing, 229 from 147 double-first-class universities and 191 from other universities!

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On February 16, 2022, the enrollment rules for Selected and transferred students in Chongqing were officially announced. A total of 400 students were recruited from 37 districts and counties in Chongqing.According to the data from 2014 to 2021, chongqing recruited 500 people in 2018, and all other years recruited 400 people, basically the same as previous years.PS: The selected students are all outstanding college graduates, and there are other restrictions. The specific enrollment list is attached.The registration period is from 10:00 on March 1, 2022 to 17:00 on March 5, 2022. The written test will be held on March 19, and the results of written test and interview will be announced in early April.Of the 400 applicants, 209 will be recruited from 147 top-notch universities and 191 from other universities.It is worth mentioning that, due to the recent announcement of the second round of double first-class list, there are 7 universities lucky to catch the double first-class list of chongqing selected students.The seven double-top universities are Shanghai University of Science and Technology, Southern University of Science and Technology, Nanjing Medical University, Guangzhou Medical University, South China Agricultural University, Xiangtan University and Shanxi University.There is no yuzhong district and Jiulongpo District, the main urban area of Chongqing, only other 37 districts and counties, the number of more than 20 people in 8 counties, respectively, are Kaizhou District, Fuling District, Fengdu County, Yunyang County, Wushan County, Fengjie county, Xiushan county, Pengshui County.This basically means that the focus of the recruitment is still not the main city districts and counties, hoping that excellent college graduates can be rooted in the countryside.As a result of chongqing area limits is broad, the development is extremely unbalanced, to attract outstanding college student, the selection that has 8 county area recruit to record so is unrestricted major, have 18 major in total.Will tell these to do not limit the professional position commonly, will tell relatively competitive pressure is not big, plus limit double first-class construction college to enter oneself for an examination basically, the classmate that does not have many grasp so can choose this kind of major.In addition, most of these 8 districts and counties recruit more than 20 people in the county, relatively speaking, the talent gap is more suitable for young outstanding college students to make a career.It is worth mentioning that there are five positions in Youyang county, which are not limited to majors and can also be applied for by other universities. However, it is estimated that there will be considerable competition for these positions.In addition, simply talk about the difference between the elected and transferred students and ordinary civil servants, a lot of people are easy to confuse the two.Will tell on the whole, choose to transfer unripe be aimed at graduate of this year outstanding college student only, competitive pressure wants much smaller than average officeholder exam, rise additionally space wants big, basically will use as reserve cadre.And ordinary civil servants basically require the relevant professional, basically according to the post, the relevant promotion is basically only in the department of the flow.This is the biggest difference between the two, but the exam of the selected students can only go ashore once, the second year will have no chance, so there are many students all over the country to take the exam, after all, this opportunity is very precious.But those who can take the exam of the selected transfer throughout the country are basically 985 universities of this level, and other colleges and universities can only take the exam of the selected transfer of this province mostly.Here I wish the students a successful start and a great success!Appendix, 2022 Chongqing Selective placement examination position table.Chart exploration original, welcome to pay attention to, data from the network, please refer to the official information.