Hot talk about the women’s soccer miracle battle!Huang Jianxiang cried, Ming Ji angrily rebuked: men ashamed not ashamed?

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Xiao Yuyi, a substitute, scored wu Chengshu’s equaliser in China’s women’s Asian Cup semifinal against Japan on Feb. 4.The Chinese women’s soccer team showed resilience, sending the game into extra time.Extra time ueki riko again headed a goal, Wang Shanshan 118 minutes absolutely flat.In the penalty shootout, Zhu made two saves and Wang shanshan scored the decisive goal to give China a 4-3 victory in the penalty shootout, eliminating Japan 6-5 on aggregate and advancing to the Asian Cup final against South Korea.China’s women’s football team defeated Japan 6-5 on aggregate to reach the Asian Cup final, sparking a heated debate among Chinese soccer players.The day before yesterday I watched the men’s football team and cried again today I watched the women’s football team.Baiguohua: Congratulations to the women’s football team. They fell behind twice, came back twice, and finally eliminated Japan on penalty kicks to reach the Asian Dragon final, even without Wang Shuang.In a word, cow!Xiao Hao: a good goal, a midfield with a clear mind, a “king blast” who can move forward and back, plus the execution of the team, it is impossible to beat the strong with the weak, this is the smart way to win the game, we can’t say that the level of women’s football has improved, we played with brains, did not lose the spirit of the team!Football consultant scene: well congratulations once again rose Japan steel roses classic fight against longer odds, stranger feel the excitement of the state and stirring big night ~ this also and the team’s two “sino-japanese war” in stark contrast to the song lyrics: such a midnight, have a sense of want to cry, Chinese football is so eager to a victory, moreover is the victory of the fight back, never give up.Hats off to the spirit of women’s football.Ji Yuyang: Congratulations to The Chinese women’s football team for reaching the Asian Cup final!!It was an emotional game.Chinese Women’s Soccer, YYDS!Lu Huiming: The women’s football team shows how crucial the coach is.There may be gaps in power, but there is no fear.Is the gap between men’s football and Vietnam as big as that between women’s football?Fu Yayu: No contrast, no harm.Shame on the women’s soccer team who took a pay cut for a year and made millions.Luo Ming, golden Ball judge: Two equalisers, including the winner in extra time and the penalty shootout win, will go down in Chinese football history.Liu Siyuan: Chinese women’s football??!!!!!!!!!How touched!Lu Yang: as expected Japan penalty kick collapse is not, small zhu mentality is very good!Wang Shanshan is basically running for the TOURNAMENT MVP!Congratulations girls, congratulations to Shui Qingxia guidance.Be worth what carry is, out of four Olympic main players in the first half of last year ms yao LouJiaHui Ma Jun Tang Jiali all starting today, another commanding general regression Li Ying also substitute on these prove the players names are written ShenHui: vian too steady, after the change, women’s or women’s football, soccer or football also, of course.This match, The Chinese women’s soccer team played the blood, especially in the absence of the core Wang Shuang, Wang Shuang was unable to play due to injury.At the same time, Lou Jiahui was injured. In such a situation, it was not easy to fight hard against the world’s top team Japan in the end and still win the game. Salute to The Chinese women’s football Team and look forward to the performance of the Chinese women’s football team in the future to win the Asian Cup.