East tun township: diligent spring to early tobacco seedling busy

2022-06-28 0 By

Pan Rongxin is looking at the nursery drift plate as the saying goes, “good seedling half close”, is now the key period of flue-cured tobacco seedling, Xixiu district East tun township grab the festival, orderly advance flue-cured tobacco seedling work.On February 16, the reporter walked into the dongtun township Meiqi village of flue-cured tobacco seedling base, a standardized and orderly greenhouse, management staff Pan Rongxin is adjusting the greenhouse temperature, the annual flue-cured tobacco seedling work is orderly.”The villagers through division of labor and cooperation, loading, pressing holes, sowing, plate, every link is orderly, the six greenhouses seedling work is basically completed.”Pan Rongxin told reporters that now east tun township in addition to a standardized nursery base, there are 50 professional baking rooms, professional planting mode so that flue-cured tobacco planting has been greatly promoted.”Before 2011, planting flue-cured tobacco is their own home seedlings, the kind of flue-cured tobacco is prone to disease, the yield is not high.”Bao Xiaoying, who is raising seedlings in Meiqi Village, said, “Now we have specialized seedlings and professional technicians to guide the planting, which is much better than the traditional planting.”In 2011, east tuen township government passed, for the purpose of market-oriented, active docking of tobacco in guizhou anshun city company, through the “government + company + farmers” the cultivation of flue-cured tobacco planting pattern development, the company under the east tuen township government fully, investment 3 million yuan to MeiQi village built flue-cured tobacco seedling shed and baking room, send “in” professional and technical personnel,From seedling to transplanting, management, harvesting, baking and so on have professional technical personnel hand in hand guidance.Since then, “standardized planting” instead of traditional planting, dongtun township flue-cured tobacco gradually out of the “weak, small, scattered” dilemma, ushered in the era of large-scale development.”In flue-cured tobacco production, seedling cultivation is the key. If seedling cultivation is not good, the quality of late transplanting and the annual harvest will be affected.”East tuen vice secretary of the township, Mr Feng said, for this, east tuen mun township, from the perspective of the basic link, organized by the company unified professional and technical personnel to carry out the seedling, in actual operation to give priority to with seedbed disease nursery greenhouses in the process of management as a key, intensive training, unified technical standards, through the establishment of a sound system of equipment disinfection, greenhouse seedling, farming operation strict disinfection procedures,Measures such as heat preservation and cold protection will be strengthened to ensure the cultivation of strong, neat, appropriate and adequate tobacco seedlings, so as to lay a solid foundation for a bumper harvest of flue-cured tobacco.Bao Xiaoying is one of the beneficiaries of the development of flue-cured tobacco in Dongtun Township. She has been working in the base since the establishment of the greenhouse for raising seedlings. Now she is an old employee and she is satisfied with her income of 3,000 yuan a month.”Flue-cured tobacco is a labor-intensive industry, requiring a lot of labor for planting and harvesting. Seedling cultivation alone has driven more than 850 people to employ tobacco and paid more than 90,000 yuan in wages.”East tun township rural clothing center director Tian Ru Rong said.It is understood that in 2021, dongtun township flue-cured tobacco planting area of 3973 mu, to achieve output value of 11184730.12 yuan.This year, the township planned planting area of more than 4000 mu, on January 23, the comprehensive spread of flue-cured tobacco seedling seeding work, inverted sowing time, the full implementation of gradient seedling, do a good job of precision seedling for seedlings, ensure that the township flue-cured tobacco planting orderly completed.Up to now, the township has been breeding flue-cured tobacco seedlings 24718 plates, available for transplantation of more than 3200 mu of land.Source: Anshun Daily