Prince Harry and Meghan markle are heading to Australia to compete with Prince William and Kate Middleton!

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Britain’s Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle are reportedly planning to visit Australia ahead of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s trip.In the latest issue of Woman’s Day magazine, Prince Harry and Meghan markle say they know prince William and Kate Middleton are planning to visit Australia, but they don’t know the exact details.Despite this, prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, and Meghan, the Duchess, are said to be hoping to visit Australia before Prince William and Kate arrive.That way, Australians will get to see The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge before they do.A source close to Harry and Meghan said: ‘So far Harry and Meghan don’t know much about the details of William and Kate’s plans for Australia and it could be a fly in the ointment and an embarrassment for them.'”Although they are no longer members of the royal family, Prince Harry and Meghan know how popular they are in Australia and New Zealand and are considering a trip there sometime in 2022.”The source added that Prince Harry already has impeccable plans for another visit to Australia.”Prince Harry wants to do something with the Australian military and has floated the idea of New Zealand as a future venue for the Invictus Games.”The source said: ‘Of course it will make a lot of people at the palace very angry and whether it is true or not it will be seen as another attempt by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to upstage the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.’This isn’t the first time Harry and Meghan have stolen the spotlight from William and Kate.Back in 2019, Prince William and Kate were furious at being upstaged by Prince Harry and Meghan.According to the Globe at the time, Kate and Prince William were “furious at the Hollywood-style publicity campaign” launched by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.The outlet reported that Meghan “misses no opportunity to be in the public eye, and her pregnancy and the birth of her son Archie have made her a hit on TV.”As a result, Meghan and Harry’s Instagram account “SussexRoyal” has generated a lot of public interest, reaching 5.1 million followers in just six hours.Prince Harry later used the account to post photos taken during their visit to New Zealand, and Meghan wisely chose Earth Day as the time to post them.A royal insider said: ‘Hollywood-trained Meghan knows how to be in the limelight and has used every opportunity to get herself and Harry in the press.’At the time, Meghan was last seen in public on May 8, just a month before the Trooping the Colour, at which she was, of course, the centre of attention.According to sources, the limelight stealing has infuriated Prince William and Kate Middleton.But that didn’t stop Prince Harry and Meghan markle, who announced on January 8, 2020, the day before their sister-in-law’s birthday that they were quitting the royal family and seeking financial independence, “after months of consideration.”The news spread around the world the next day, and Kate’s birthday was ruined.Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex made a global splash when their three-day visit to New York in September 2021 marked their official return to the world stage after a three-month hiatus.Of course, Kate is not a vegetarian.A few days later, The Duchess of Cambridge wowed royal fans when she appeared with Prince William at the premiere of the latest James Bond film, No Time To Die, in an “absolutely stunning” gold sequined gown that instantly overshadowed Meghan’s gorgeous New York visit.Of course, Meghan was hoping to make things right when she arrived at the Veterans Day event in a red dress, only to be told that “drawing a tiger is not a dog”.The source concluded: “Meghan and Prince Harry may win a few battles, but make no mistake — the future king and his wife will win this one.”Thanks for reading!Press and like for three seconds and a miracle will happen!