LPL Spring: Doggo withholds the pressure and continues to launch BLG vs LNG!

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LPL Spring: Doggo withholds the pressure and continues to launch BLG vs LNG!LPL Spring regular season LNG VS BLG.Both teams are the best in LPL, which team do you prefer this time?There is no doubt that the next spring competition will be very fierce. In the previous spring competition between V5 and OMG, WE can see that OMG is very powerful. In the end, IF NOT “rookie” V5, I am afraid that V5 will really lose the competition.The competition will be held at 19:00 on February 13, 2022 Beijing time. Please pay more attention to it.LNG is in very good shape, although Doinb said it would be very difficult for LNG to make the playoffs, although this situation exists, there should be a chance for the spring championship under Doinb’s leadership.The LNG spring tournament is quite scary, so far the record is 5-0, they are worthy of the first place in the group now, every member of the team has a highlight moment, there is no collective sleepwalking sudden death situation, Doinb joined the team after the run in very good, a hand of cards will swim thoroughly.Doinb is really the same Doinb we know, LNG is really too strong!Although BLG is not satisfactory, it is certainly not as good as LNG in all aspects, because the uZI problem has made many people headache.BLG only lost one game in the five games in the spring. The other positions in BLG were excellent in top matching, and the bottom line was the biggest problem for them. Doggo bore the biggest pressure, and he was also the biggest problem for the team.The BP phase had to take a lot of time to make the underdog feel better, otherwise it could blow up at any moment. Uzi hasn’t played yet. How long can substitute Doggo last?Because a lot of people are uzi fans, because uzi’s comeback began to pay attention to BLG, now Uzi does not play, many fans have begun to express dissatisfaction with BLG!There is not much difference between BLG and LNG in terms of overall strength. Although BLG’s underside is the weakness of the team, LNG’s underside light and green hairs are also the mix of the team. Therefore, dogGO will not bear too much pressure in this competition, but because Doinb has joined LNG.This time, the BLG will probably lose the match because of Doinb’s wandering. The key is whether BLG can make a target against Doinb. Doinb is the best at playing a downwind game, so we must put some pressure on Doinb.So now the pressure is on Fofo to successfully limit Doinb’s wandering, or simply make Doinb very uncomfortable online.Restricting Doinb is successfully restricting Tarzan and causing a mass avalanche of LNG, which is their chance to win.But it is difficult, so the forecast for this match is LNG beating BLG 2-1.