In 2022, the transportation price of logistics industry has repeatedly set new lows

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As the saying goes, things go too far.Life has its ups and downs, and so does business.2021 is the ninth year that I have been engaged in the production and sales of cooling equipment, and the market is also the most dismal year.All the peers who have been in this industry for many years deeply felt the changes in the second half of last year.It’s not that we’re not innovative enough, or that we’re not committed enough, it’s that the environment is not.Although the statistics from all aspects in the news are beautiful, GDP growth rate and KPI are growing steadily, in fact, the competition within the industry and the demand for terminals are constantly decreasing.2022, full of expectations for a fresh start.After the rest of the year, the annual Chinese Lunar New Year is over, and the 10th day is full of joy waiting for the resumption of work.We had a staff dinner, but the order didn’t come.At this time of year, workers usually return to their old posts the day after dinner to start the New Year.Orders accumulated during the Spring Festival will also be orderly arrangements for shipment, but this year is different, during the Spring Festival, the order volume did not significantly increase, but less and less.Yesterday went to Hongde logistics park delivery, it is shandong Weifang Qingzhou city’s largest logistics distribution center.Traffic is as sparse as it was a year ago, and the roads are free of summer congestion.It’s still a dismal picture.2 years ago, the old customer hit 30,000 deposit, is this year’s first big single.After resisting the excitement and surprise in my heart, I began to contact logistics freight.In the past, the quotation was 130-150/ cubic meter, but they competed with each other and directly reported 75-80/ cubic meter.The 50% freight rate is of no harm to both the shipper and the user.But look at the whole logistics industry, and we experienced the same depression, internal competition is more and more intense.I have never seen such a low freight rate in the 9 years SINCE I entered this industry. While I was secretly pleased, I began to feel that the freight rate kept hitting new lows while the oil price rose, wages rose and labor cost increased.The compatriots of the logistics industry are certainly suffering.Circle of friends logistics bosses have lowered their posture, take the initiative to reduce freight rates, to fight for more supplies.In fact, since Last October, in order to timely delivery, many vehicles are starting at a loss.For the sake of credibility and customers, can only endure, for the sake of the big picture, a car to send a car.Do not earn money, or you do not want others to do.The bigger the industry gets, the more competition it faces, and the more unknown challenges it faces.It turns out that there are not a few bosses like us. I wish that China’s economy can stabilize on this basis, so that people in real industries can take a break.Behind us are thousands of frontline workers waiting for their paychecks to feed their families. Behind us are thousands of ordinary workers.They do not have a superior academic record alongside the body, there is no big pursuit, just want to rely on their own hands to support the family expenses.Life is difficult, business is difficult, 2022 is full of unknown, come on!