End of the “snow rice bowl”, the Winter Olympics change Zhangjiakou

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The five Olympic rings stand in front of dajingmen, a landmark scenic spot in Zhangjiakou. Behind them are the characters of “beautiful rivers and mountains” nearly a century ago.On February 4, the start of spring, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will begin.The Olympic torch relay will pass through Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou from February 2-4.Beijing will host ice sports and alpine skiing in 2022, while Zhangjiakou will be home to snowsports, where 51 gold MEDALS will be awarded.Shan Zhaojian, 84, will carry the Olympic torch as a torchbearer.He was the first National skiing champion in China and was once the director of the skiing Division of the former General Administration of Sport of China. He is known as the “father of Chinese skiing”.Shan Zhaojian and the zhangjiakou competition area of the core area chongli has many years of origin.Twenty-seven years ago, Shan Zhaojian, then the secretary general of the Chinese Ski Association, was attracted by Chongli’s natural resources. Under his leadership, Chongli’s first ski resort, Saibei Ski Resort, opened in 1997, the first privately owned ski resort in North China.From this, cheng Li, this is located in the north west of Hebei province, the eastern section of yinshan mountain range “mountain lianshan, continuous, gully covers gully, hard to count” in former days national level poverty county, bid farewell to the industrial structure that gives rise to with naked oats and mineral resources, ski industry expands gradually, and will stand on the stage of the world on February 4.”Although I am more than 80 years old, I still have the strength and heart to do more for the cause of Skiing in China,” Shan told southern Weekend on January 22.The day before the interview, he had skied at a Beijing ski resort.In Shan zhaojian’s opinion, the winter Olympics will be a new milestone in the development of ice and snow sports in China.Chongli will not only undertake the first undertaking of winter Olympic culture in China, but the local people will also be enriched by the ski industry and have the opportunity to integrate with the world.”Chongli will play a vital role in ice and snow sports in China after the Winter Olympics.”Shan zhaojian said.Garbage lies on a street in Chongli, circa 2003.From Yaodong to chongli, a ski resort, it is 150 kilometers away from Beijing as the crow flies.In 1958, Chongli County was assigned to Zhangjiakou City. In 2016, chongli county was removed into a district. In May 2019, Hebei province officially announced that Chongli was no longer a poverty-stricken county.Chongli is located at 41° north latitude, which is known as the “golden ski zone” in the world. Many of the world’s top ski resorts are located here. The natural snow skiing period can last up to 120 days and the snow storage period can last up to 150 days.The area where Chongli is located is 80% mountainous, with an average altitude of 1200 meters, suitable for the development of ski courses of different levels.Before Mr. Shan discovered Chongli, China’s ski resorts were mostly in the northeast.In 1995, he visited The Xiliang area in Chongli and was attracted by the snow and the slope of the mountain.But he described chongli as a time when “a river of garbage ran across the city, the streets were littered with garbage, and you couldn’t find a place to eat during the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival.”In 2003, The founder of Holilai Cake, Luo Li, fell in love with skiing. He told southern Weekly, “Others’ fever ‘means going skiing abroad, but I’m’ crazy ‘and set up a ski resort.”In that year, Luo Li built wanlong Ski Resort in Chongli, which was also one of the earliest ski resorts opened in China.Luo believes that there are three important conditions for the construction of a ski resort: mountain, snow, and chongli’s proximity to The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, which has a large consumer market.He recalled that