Tongzhou Stadium starts renovation and upgrading to create a “gym” for residents at home

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The original title: short for sports facilities construction Tongzhou stadium to start the upgrade For the residents to build the door “gym” original title: short for sports facilities construction, tongzhou stadium to start the upgrade For the residents to build the door “gym” for the citizens of working and living in tongzhou, comprehensive sports venues don’t live with high quality is always a pity.Recently, as tongzhou stadium upgrade transformation project starts work, this gap will be filled.The upgraded Tongzhou Stadium, which is expected to be completed in June 2024, consists of a gymnasium, a natatorium, a national fitness center, an ice stadium and an outdoor playground.After completion, the project can not only greatly improve the conditions of national fitness in tongzhou old Town, effectively fill in the gap of regional sports venues, but also add more than 1000 parking Spaces for surrounding residents.Tongzhou District Stadium was built in the 1980s. After years of use, the site facilities have become obsolete, unable to meet the needs of public sports, and does not match the modern appearance of the surrounding canal business district and other modern cities.At the same time, tongzhou district is the only district without gymnasiums, natatorium, stadium, especially in the old city, there is no large-scale, standard national fitness venues.Therefore, it is extremely urgent to upgrade the former Tongzhou stadium.At present, the original site of tongzhou District stadium has been set up around the enclosure, the above-ground buildings have been dismantled, the new renovation project officially started.The total construction area of the project is 70,523 square meters, including 43,923 square meters for the district-level sports center and 26,600 square meters for the public parking garage.The main construction content includes “three halls, one arena and one center”, namely natatorium, ice skating hall, basketball hall, stadium, national fitness center and sports room, underground garage and so on.The whole project land is a long and narrow rectangle from the north to the south. The standard stadium and 400-meter track on the south side will be retained for upgrading of equipment and facilities. An ice hockey arena and parking garage will be built underground.The old “light basketball court” near Xinhua East Street will also be retained in two pieces to retain the memory of old Tongzhou people. Table tennis, roller skating and fitness venues are set up around it to create an open sports activity space.Tongzhou Stadium is located in the core of tongzhou old city, east of gongyuan Primary School and Xihaizi Park, south of tongzhou old catering street, northwest side of tianqiao Bay district, Jixiang Garden community, Ruyi Garden community are more than 30 years old community.For a long time, the area shuttle students, sightseeing dining and old community residents of various needs, a large gap in parking space.One of the highlights of the project is to take overall consideration of the overall demand of the region. In the stadium upgrading project of the district, underground public parking lots will be built at the same time, with a total of three floors of underground parking lots, which can increase more than 1,000 parking Spaces, effectively alleviating the problem of parking difficulties in the surrounding area.At the same time, the new stadium will also fully consider the surrounding landscape resources, taking into account the influence of sunlight and lighting of the existing building on the west side, forming a scattered outdoor leisure and landscape platform, making the building truly integrate into the urban environment.Zhang Haitao, the person in charge of the project design, introduced the team from the perspective of urban design, using the simple form design means of false and real staggered, can reduce the spatial pressure caused by the architectural form of the city from different directions, and strive to present a modern and simple urban image.According to Zhang Haitao, the facade of the stadium is composed of three levels of facade structure, glass curtain wall and perforated plate curtain wall from inside to outside. Sunlight can be used to ensure sufficient indoor light, and lighting needs can be met without turning on lights during the day.The building’s east and west Windows are also equipped with adjustable shading structure, forming a rich change of light and shadow in the interior.At night, the facade of the building is also equipped with light strips, which can add vitality and artistic beauty to the city.The roof of the stadium is equipped with a solar hot water system to minimize energy consumption. The shower center of the stadium adopts centralized hot water supply and uses solar energy as the heat source to make full use of renewable energy.Project is integrated into the urban design concept, sponge set intelligent rainwater storage system, application of permeable pavement materials, ensure the recessed green space, the rain garden is to regulate the rain functions such as green water area is the sum of the total green area of 50%, thus saving space inside the virescence maintenance expenses such as water, improve regional drains standards at the same time, to reduce the loss caused by waterlogging.Related person in charge of Tongzhou District Sports Bureau introduced that after the upgrading of the district stadium, it will enhance the supply of sports facilities in the old city, and take into account the development needs of competitive sports on the basis of meeting the demand of national fitness, which is conducive to mass physical exercise and professional sports personnel training, and promote the high-quality development of tongzhou district sports cause.(Sun Yunke)