The value of the goods is about 2.339 billion yuan!Supplies for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games have basically arrived

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On January 30, the General Administration of Customs said that since March 25, 2021 the first Olympic winter games temporarily supplies to enter the customs territory on January 25, 2022, Beijing Olympics finished goods have been imported, the Olympic winter games in Beijing customs supervision shall import cargo 890 votes, value about RMB 2.339 billion, the main material for broadcast equipment, sports equipment, office furniture, etc.,The main import ports are Capital Airport Customs, Beijing Chaoyang Customs, Tianjin Xingang Customs, Tianjin Dongjiang Customs.It is reported that Beijing Customs, as the competent customs, has tailored a series of facilitation measures to ensure smooth customs clearance of materials for the Winter Olympics in view of the large quantity and variety of the Characteristics of the Winter Olympics.The Beijing Olympic Winter Games Organizing Committee will provide the Beijing Customs with tax guarantee for temporary goods imported for the Beijing Olympic Winter Games, which will greatly improve the efficiency of customs clearance.To build a paperless customs clearance management system for the Winter Olympics, enterprises can complete the examination and approval of the list of materials and the letter of proof of materials online, and achieve the real-time “one declaration, three confirmation”, which is expected to save more than 50% of the time;Priority should be given to customs clearance and inspection procedures for the winter Olympics materials, and the materials hit the instructions should be immediately adopted, homeopathic disinfection and rapid inspection and release;We will implement special bayonot channels, special logistics service lines, special allocation of emergency forces, comprehensive coordinators, and peripheral security coordination to ensure smooth storage and distribution of materials in the main Logistics center of the Winter Olympics.Previously, the General Administration of Customs, issued the 2022 winter Olympics and the winter paralympics in Beijing customs clearance the notice “, the Beijing Olympics of inbound and outbound goods and personnel from the registered information, temporarily imported goods tax guarantee, import former record of examination and approval, import goods customs clearance, and personal items regulation, reporters equipment customs clearance and so on eight aspects to provide detailed instructions.According to the introduction, the customs made a unified logo, in the main entry and exit ports to set up winter Olympics materials, personnel customs special channel, special window.The “5+2” reservation system will be implemented to ensure that Olympic materials go through customs formalities within 24 hours.The materials that need to be inspected at the venues and Olympic Village due to special circumstances may be transported to the venues and Olympic Village for inspection upon the approval of the Customs upon application made by the Beijing Winter Olympic Games Organizing Committee.Source: Beijing daily client | journalists Yuan Lu process editor: U065 copyright statement: text copyright owned by Beijing news group, without permission, shall not be reproduced or adapted.