How many brands have “entered” Alibaba and started to decline?

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When it comes to the brand of Ali, many people think it is very lucky to be acquired by Ali. For example, the express companies acquired by Ali are among the best in the whole express industry. However, is it really a good thing to be acquired by Ali?The truth may surprise you.In this regard, “entered” Ali, but began to decline, do you know how many brands?What software do you use when you listen to music now?Is it QQ, Cool Dog or NetEase Cloud?In fact in addition to the three music, there are plenty of people remember shrimp this music software also had his own glory, but it does on February 5, 2021 officially closed, that is never going to have the shrimps music in the future, at that time, many old customers feel very sad, so long, after all, oneself use the music software,It’s a shame it’s gone like this.For this matter, many people do not understand, xiami Music was not acquired by Ali, why will go to the end of the closure?If you carefully understand will know ali bought by the brand, they buy is not the purpose of pure, so far there have been several well-known brand was destroyed, ali shrimp is directly to stop taking, then they will do what is the purpose of, why will worked so hard to pay big money to buy brand get yellow?Next, we will take a look at xiami music’s development process from its establishment in 2008 to its closure in 2021.Xiami Music was also a music APP with great development potential, because it had a recommendation set mechanism that was not available in many music software at that time, which could recommend songs according to people’s listening preferences.Later xiami did encounter some problems in its development. Just in 2013, Ali was ready to expand its business, so It acquired Xiami and Tiantian Jingyuan to create a new Ali Music.Might still thought I was acquired when dried shrimp can be developed again, after, after all, have such a strong company, behind of the future vision is also very normal, just ali seemed to put all the energy in their music, buying and dried shrimp from the hand of little room for that moment was, not only the problem is not solve,It was directly marginalized, simply left to its own devices.Ali is a full build at that time was called ali planet music software, and hope that it can become the best in the music software, except that ali people music does not seem to be very good. But how to all can’t do this brand, even up to now, and there was a lot of people don’t know this music software.But even if ali planet can not do up, Ali also did not see shrimp one eye, still took the management method of release.In such a background, Xiami music is facing a more difficult situation, but Ali to Xiami do things more excessive, no one would think to xiami music caused a fatal blow is not other people is Ali.Xiami had a chance of survival, but at the critical moment, Alibaba turned around and invested $700 million in NetEase Cloud Music, one of Xiami’s biggest competitors, completely blocking xiami’s path.In addition, there are many other brands like Xiami that were immediately released after being acquired by Alibaba, such as Tianyi, which we just mentioned, and China Wanwang, which have similar outcomes with Xiami.I believe many people should remember that Wandoujia was once a very popular brand. When it was most popular, the number of users reached about 500 million. Such a good brand was directly shut down after alibaba acquired it a few years ago.It also raises questions about Alibaba’s ability to diversify.In fact, there are many brands in The hands of Ali, and now even youku and Ele. me, which have been developing well before, are also on the decline.Youku was once one of the largest video websites in China, with a market value of $4.36 billion on its second day of listing. However, from 2020, youku has only 14 million active users, while Mangol TV has 53.55 million active users in the same period.Originally developed such a good video platform, to the hands of Alibaba is about to lose 2 billion yuan a year.After the acquisition, Ele. me also began to decline, and now ele. me may no longer be able to fight meituan.It is impossible to predict how long Youku and Ele. me will survive under Alibaba’s control. If Alibaba really wants to do well, it may not do well, but it fears that if these two brands are also marginalized, they will end up like Xiami and Wandoujia.Conclusion is, in fact has been analyzed, ali buy these brands are, with the purpose of although the brand was destroyed, but its purpose is not to develop the brand, but after their user group, after the purchase, ali will the user through the drainage to taobao, just it is enough to make ali to make rich,It doesn’t matter if the acquired brands are dead or alive.Today’s topic: Some famous brands have been “destroyed” by Ali, and have been “officially declared” to stop service. How many do you know?