CAI Bin faced obvious difficulties, Li Yingying diagonal fear no one available, Wang Yifan and others need to practice for a few more years

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Now, CAI Bin’s China Women’s Volleyball training camp has opened with 67 players, including Li Yingying, Yuan Xinyue, Gong Xiangyu and many others, which seems to be a solid team even if the training camp has several other sessions.Indeed, at the current situation of 67 people, has indeed can form the strength is relatively outstanding Chinese women’s volleyball team, especially in the starting line-up, main has Li Yingying, had a Yuan Xinyue, Wang Yuanyuan, Yang Hanyu, meet with Gong Xiangyu, and having Ding Xia, DiaoLinYu fofao, free with Wang Mengjie, ni, Xu Jianan, particularly Wang Weiyi et al.,Want to choose a stable starting lineup is not difficult, but they also found that, when the author talked about each position, there is a position there is a vacancy, that is the main attack, and this is the current I think CAI Bin is facing the biggest dilemma, Li Yingying diagonal is now no one available.Of course, some people will say, CAI Bin selected so many main attack training, why also said li Yingying diagonal no one available?In terms of the number of participants, the main attack players selected are indeed not a few, but the real strength of how many?Li Yingying is absolutely alone of all the participation representing a, ahead of other major more than one class, even if Li Yingying standard to select her diagonal, the participation of numerous main attack now, I dare say that no one is qualified, even low standards, only with the current Chinese women’s volleyball team starting main requirements needed to select Li Yingying diagonal,I think it’s still hard.Why do you say that?At the current situation of Chinese women’s volleyball team, twila, Zhang Changning temporary absence, Li Yingying is Chinese women’s volleyball team stormed the biggest rely on, but she is, after all, as a major, but also responsible for receiving, want to maximize Li Yingying strength, she will be as much as possible for her to share the diagonal pass pressure, at the same time, also maintained a good strength,Of all the major categories that can be selected, who has such strength?Before the super league, Chen Xiyue, Wang Yifan, Che Wenhan and other newcomers, although they have a relatively all-round performance, but in terms of the standard of national players, they are obviously not up to the standard, and they need to practice for a few more years.And LiYao, ZhongHui, wu, Shi Bingtong, even Wang Yizhu, the Lin xin already famous major players, each also has its own short board, such as LiYao, she pass well and attack, but in the international arena, her height is short, the league cup before, is the embodiment of the evident;The same is true of Zhong Hui and Wu Han, who are not even as tall as Yao Li.Wang Yizhu, Lin Yuexin and other players are not stable in the super League, and I am even more skeptical of them if they want to play better in the international arena.As for Wu Mengjie and others, they have not reached the requirement of omnipotence for the time being.So, if Chinese women’s volleyball team training camp in the coming period training, unable to find the more powerful firepower, facing has very obvious difficulties of the Li Yingying diagonal this nobody available, even make do with some strength is not bad. the top players, this will be a big breakthrough the Chinese women’s volleyball team.CAI Bin is facing an obvious dilemma, Li Yingying is not available, Wang Yifan and others need to practice for a few more years. I am small to chat about sports, focusing on sharing sports anecdotes, welcome readers to comment, forward, participate in the competition discussion!